BEWARE – How to Spot a Fake Titleist Driver! Bought off AliExpress for $150us

Do you know how to spot a fake Titleist driver? Beware out there when you are buying a new Driver. You might be buying a fake. I will show you what you need to look for.

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21 Replies to “BEWARE – How to Spot a Fake Titleist Driver! Bought off AliExpress for $150us”

  1. CGMac says:

    I have a golf buddy who loves to shop one of "those" websites. I tried his TM Stealth yesterday and absolutely crushed my drive, it was uphill like yours were. The shaft was a very high end (or reasonable copy) and the drive felt great. The sound was terrible. I will not try it ever again since I don't want it to explode or be broken when I use it. I didn't argue with him when he was so proud to show his new awesome deal from another country. It looked quite good too and without another driver beside it there was no way I could tell if it was fake. I am quite certain knowing what website he got it on, that it is a fake and it's only a matter of time before something about it fails.

  2. Jim Riebe says:

    Too good of a price to be true. Buyer beware.

  3. Joshua K says:

    Lol Made in China again. What is this? Chinese pride for fakes? 13:30 this is really funny.

    I had a bad experience with Chinese seklers. Ads show Oakley sunglasses with genuine product photos and what showed up was "Oakey". They refunded partial and told me to keep what i got. I never buy from Chinese vendors ever since.

  4. Eric Tucker says:

    Is it 100% a fake if the cover says made in China, have a TSI2 that head cover reads made in China?

  5. Now that TSR came out now my top of the bag is TSI. And couldn’t be happier.

  6. I came here to find a great deal on a Titelist Driver

  7. Sirios Star says:

    oh come on this is absurd .
    if you buy off of Aliexpress , it's fake ,,

  8. S S says:

    How do I know if my TS4 is fake or real?

  9. Ceolipta says:

    so ive got a fake headcover and a real driver, i can live with that

  10. 11:45 & 11:55
    I love the movements you make man

  11. GolfPro says:

    20 min video? Really?

  12. Lol. Wow. Good thing. I bought the real stuff. Thanks. The lagshot is working. With the flat ball. Set up. I made

  13. Ron Dickie says:

    This man has a loose screw not the driver head…it is physically impossible for that weight to dislodge from the sleeve…he did the same thing on his video on a fake Scottie putter..said there was a loose screw..all he did was loosen the screw..tighten the screw and there is no “loose screw “why doesn’t he used an “iron Byron” so there is a consistent swing

  14. Peter Lee says:

    Never buy anything from China on Ebay. They are usually unreasonably cheaper.

  15. I didn't even know that fake clubs were a thing 😳

  16. All my golf clubs I’ve bought thru eBay, I’ve had them checked out 👍🏽
    So far so good.

  17. The head cover bit was simply ridiculous

  18. I played with a guy last year and I could twist his driver shaft about 45 degrees. Name brand club but impossible to hit straight

  19. Brandon lowe says:

    I heard it on the first take away..

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