Black AirForce 1 Behavior (Part 1)

This week we talk:

Knicks will they or won’t they
Dillon Brooks
Popeyes Lady
Airforce 1 Behavior

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6 Replies to “Black AirForce 1 Behavior (Part 1)”

  1. Top C says:

    “We won already..Melo & Ben Stiller were supporting” ?! Lmao holy shit Kaz type fans are exactly why I upgraded to Nets fan & downgraded to a Knicks supporter.

  2. F3FAU says:


  3. 1: I came to YouTube to see when Rosie and Low gang up on Kaz mocking the Knicks😂😂😂

    And 2: Jordon Poole indeed never bounced back like y’all thought he may. And he just had zero points in game 4 haha crazy

  4. Tyrell S says:

    Yo what's wild is that Dillion's own former teammate Miles Bridges didn't get this "under any circumstance" type of exit from the grizzlies when he did a way more heinous act!. Kaz is right that organization needs the real microscope on them.

  5. Tyrell S says:

    Always Love the random Convo episodes! OG Say less fans know!

  6. isqlozom says:

    Rosy is bad without even trying..ill still hit even when she is 50

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