Black bear steals golf clubs

A female black bear surprised golfers in Canada when she stole golf clubs from the back of a buggy.

It happened in Vancouver and isn’t the first instance of bears causing havoc with golfers.


24 Replies to “Black bear steals golf clubs”

  1. These a wild animals .

  2. What a moron to chase a female bear

  3. RUSSIA says:

    Australia is a Nazi Country

  4. Capital Idea says:

    Someone needs to explain to that bear the difference between a sandwich and a sand wedge

  5. Reporter has the most annoying voice I've ever heard.

  6. TRAPPED says:

    She just wanted a “new bag”.

  7. Judy Simpson says:

    Won't somebody think about the poor golf bag? The footage is unBEARable. 🤣

  8. Michael Wall says:

    Just a big dog go get your gear back

  9. The guy's lucky that bear didn't turn back and charge at his a$$!

  10. SparrowBe4k says:

    Vancouver is only 9th in overall crime rates so this must be considered a bit of an anomaly and so very newsworthy.

  11. Cute. I love black bears. Serves them right for putting golf courses through bear territory.

  12. Hev & Chip says:

    What horrible reporting. Well, this is what happens when humans push their way into nature.

  13. He's gonna whack
    Boo Boo

  14. mzlady grinn says:

    With all the fires up there, the bears that survive need to find a place to go to.

  15. Going to the pawn shop to exchange them for honey

  16. Andy Jay says:

    Bit of a Boo Boo leaving your clubs unattended.

  17. Eurotrash RC says:

    BREAKING: African Canadian bear steals golf clubs! In other news, climate change is still a hoax, BUT BACK TO THE MAIN STORY THAT GOSH DARN'D BEAR

  18. Andrea B says:

    Us woman love bags… 🤷🏽‍♀🤣

  19. Sade Sade says:

    Well they want to play a round or 2 of golf🎉🎉😂😂❤

  20. I said the same thing! Must have been food in there. But maybe people keep food in their golf bags so she thought she would find something? Funny! 😂

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