BLESS then UP ➡️ DJ Khaled wants to play in the PGA! ⛳️ #shorts

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15 Replies to “BLESS then UP ➡️ DJ Khaled wants to play in the PGA! ⛳️ #shorts”

  1. Beautiful clubs DJ!!!

  2. steve meters says:

    No way he knows how to read.

  3. Glen Bradley says:

    Guess what DJ…… you are about to be HUMBLED!!!!!!! Big time…. It’s nice that you love the game …. But guarantee, you are in FOR A LONG ROAD ……. Long !!!!!! Road of being HUMBLED…….

  4. LA Woman says:

    Good 🤞 luck

  5. Y’all rlly gotta stop dissing, he’s a very very accomplished artist and very nice person

  6. Kevin Kev says:

    Only golf this man playing is on the tablet at Applebee's

  7. P H says:

    I wanna hate on him but he’s like the nicest, most positive guy out there…

  8. Harold B says:

    What’s the deal with these videos? I’m not sure I get it? Is he playing a DJ Khalid character that really into golf and it’s suppose to be funny? Is this meant to be inspirational?

  9. THOMAS SIMMS says:

    Pro Lol. Not in this Life.

  10. Tyler Hoover says:

    Who's going to tell the man he's dog poo at sports

  11. Kim Jong 69 says:

    Still haven’t forgot how Tyler the creator had to dude crying for number one album. Don’t be fooled by his fake persona. This guy is a scum bag

  12. AJA Ryan1994 says:

    He can’t even make music yet he thinks he can golf.

  13. Tito Romero says:

    I want to help you get there! I'm a certified golf instructor for GOLFTEC in Miramar Florida. Come see me LET'S GO PRO!

  14. “ so how did you gain lol the weight”

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