Blonde does all she can to get Rory's attention

21 Replies to “Blonde does all she can to get Rory's attention”

  1. Alm says:

    Cant blame a girl for trying😂

  2. Kick Axe says:

    Lol…. Unlike grown men screaming, "go in the hole", reaching out their arm, hoping that a pro touches their hand on the way by or elbowing little kids out of the way in order to get a selfie and autograph.

  3. Only Tiger is susceptible to this tactic

  4. Troy Ott says:


  5. James H says:

    She knew she would be on tv. Cut the crap

  6. Wow, I think you're reading way to much into it and it comes off as me getting to use come in my comment.

  7. Chuck Finlay says:

    Fook off stripper 😂😂😂

  8. “I’ve already got enough tees honey.”

  9. Rottie says:

    The man behind her got it covered discreetly (I think his boner was looking for a hole-in-one too)! 😂

  10. JoBo says:

    He put her hand on her head = did all she could do to get attention?

    Not getting it.

  11. Oisin Moore says:

    Pathetic. Earn your own money you sad sack of shit.

  12. “Here’s a five, Honey. There’s a bus stop on the corner and I’d say you and all the ladies will do better downtown rather than bothering wealthy, successful family men with your grossness.”

  13. fradaja says:

    Yup she just sees one great big payday

  14. Fred Astair says:

    The blonde needs to take a leaf out of Meghan Markles book on how to get Rory's attention. Basically stand on your head with your legs in a y position and not wear any knickers.

  15. Al Boss says:

    She belongs to the streets

  16. Esteban says:

    She's monkey branching!

  17. Esteban says:

    That's got to annoy the bf.

  18. Tyler Holt says:

    Maybe in the world of golf thats all she could do

  19. Future spineless, classless gold digger.

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