Body found in lake at golf club; HAZMAT emergency at Liverpool Hospital | 9 News Australia

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A body has been found in a pond at an exclusive Sydney golf course. In other news, the emergency department at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney’s south-west became the emergency after staff had to be treated after falling ill from a HAZMAT incident.

►*Chapters in this video:*
0:00 Man’s body found in a lake at a Sydney golf club
1:30 Bill Spedding
2:14 Sydney car rollover
2:46 Liverpool Hospital HAZMAT emergency
3:45 CBA record profit
4:05 Driver of Hunter Valley bus excused from attending court
4:36 Rent freeze pressure
6:51 Canada gondola fail
7:10 Ukraine attacks
7:24 Imran Khan barred from politics for five years
7:44 Weather snapshot

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