Body found in pond at exclusive Sydney golf club

A man’s body has been found in a pond at one of Sydney’s most exclusive golf clubs.

New South Wales Police were called to The Lakes golf club in Sydney’s east at 9:30am on Wednesday where they made the discovery.

The course has been closed as police establish a crime scene and carry out their investigations.


8 Replies to “Body found in pond at exclusive Sydney golf club”

  1. Shimarisu says:

    Did the Obama’s bring their chef to Australia? Poor guy…

  2. The Wanderer says:

    Poor bugger must have lost a playoff

  3. LTD256 says:

    Weekend at Bernie's 2… The golf course. 😇

  4. rap scallion says:

    Some players are too competitive

  5. Steve Wiles says:

    Looking for a cup of tee?

  6. Is Obama in Australia?

  7. Jake Demuss says:

    GOLF – Gaye Or Lesbian Fairies

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