Bows & Company Podcast: Gratitude, Artificial Intelligence & Terry's favorite products!

This week’s episode we cover so many important topics with Terry! We share a quick Boston recap, our Bows and Lows for the week, Terry’s thoughts on artificial intelligence and the importance of gratitude!

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30 Replies to “Bows & Company Podcast: Gratitude, Artificial Intelligence & Terry's favorite products!”

  1. Your dad is so great – He had me laughing so hard, I started coughing 🤣😂 Then the part of the podcast where you talk about him setting out the notes/vitamins…Love him. I am a follower of your channel, but I am your parents age. I subscribed after watching your video of you with your family on vacation, and loved/related to your parents. Side note – I have to keep editing my comment…This is fabulous. The story of his dad – oh boy – made me cry. What an incredible man your grandfather Jack. I can see how your dad is who he is. I agree…gratitude and faith are so powerful in giving us peace and joy in our lives. How awesome to have a father/husband/grandfather/son like this…What a blessing.

  2. Peggy Fry says:

    Omg. I love your dad. Full disclosure, we are around the same age so…relatable 😂. Enjoying 😮 all your content !

  3. Barbara Mara says:

    Love your mom and dad on your videos. Also like that you have put the podcasts on video. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and interesting family members here on YouTube!

  4. What a great podcast, Emily! Your father had great information to share, and I especially loved hearing about your grandfather, Jack. What an amazing man. Absolutely loved that story! Thank you for sharing, both of you.

  5. Hannah Mix says:

    My dad and I listened to this podcast together while he was helping me paint my walk-in closet and he said he really liked it, so I downloaded the other podcasts you have with you dad on his phone so he could listen to those later. 🤗 💕

  6. Loved this episode!!

  7. my goodness, the comments here- so many! Terry is a hit! I LOVED the story of Grandpa Jack. It sounds like he truly made the best of his circumstances and lived the American dream after much adversity.

  8. Great video/podcast.

  9. (Continued) My college aged son, who is currently on a summer abroad in Germany, is a leftie. I miss the riding boots. I would trade our icy Cleveland roads for a warmer climate. I have a realtor colleague in the Las Vegas area and she uses AI at a high level and teaches others how to do the same via her webinars. Terry reminds me so much of my dad. My dad believed in the 5 P's of success: Positivity, Proactiveness, Preparedness, Promotion, and Passion. Found on the google: The official language of Slovakia is Slovak, which is part of the Western Slavic languages. The official language of Slovenia is Slovene, which is part of the Southern Slavic languages. To clarify, Slovaks and Slovenians would not understand each other if they spoke their own language. So many good tidbits from Terry. Thanks for a great show! I would've watched yesterday, but I was in chemo at the Clinic.

  10. We recently saw "Terry" in the CLE airport when returning from a weekend in sunny FLA. Terry is very entertaining! Every podcast should be about my former hometown of Boston. My first apartment was directly behind the Colonnade Hotel. That's where I first received my real estate license and sold residential property in Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End and Waterfront properties. From there, I moved to Marlborough St, where I was just a few steps to my RE office on Newbury St. My sister lives in College Station, TX and she's dying from the heat. We haven't used our pool once this summer.

  11. sahmofboys says:

    I love your dad's wisdom and stories. I hope he comes on again to give us all more life lessons.

  12. great conversation. Love the conversation on gratitude.

  13. Threefly says:

    I am totally engaged when Terry is on. So many worthwhile topics. Love his positive outlook. Would love to see Grandpa Jack on and hear about his life story and his comments and wisdom. Fascinating man, I am sure. And thank you, Emily, for your hard work in putting all this together. You are “making it better.” By that I mean all things in life. Keep interviewing your parents. They have so much good information to share. ❤

  14. K H R says:

    we need to have more terry !! very iconic

  15. I love seeing you with your dad-I lost mine 7 years ago and I’m just so happy that you have yours. Cherish him, he is a gem. The father and daughter is very special

  16. Terry your sense of humor is absolutely contagious !
    Your advice on AI was right on and doesn't gratitude make us more human?😊
    Look forward to your next guest visit.

  17. Alice says:

    Everything has shifted of the weather because of global warming :/

  18. Kris Betts says:

    Terry you’re my tribe! I too was a Champion high school debater as well as extemporaneous speaker. That was in the early 70s! Thank you for sharing your life experiences, I can tell you love your daughter and are proud of her by your participation on her podcast.

  19. ArtsandBarts says:

    Terry rocks🙌🏻😁How about Tuesdays with Terry every week!!!!!!!!…..Emily, who do you get your beautiful black hair from?😍…..great show today… as a former model, educator and now designer myself, your dad's intelligence and zest for constantly learning is a big key to success and growth, therefore listen to him and follow his lead🫶…. Also on your AI topic….interesting I have several model friends who are also actresses in LA[now on strike] to them AI is a problem because as they shared with me the producers want to use that instead of them[more detailed explanation you can read] so it can hurt if not used ethically……YES, GRATITUDE is the key to happiness, everyday when you wake up or before you sleep just look around you and be thankful for everything no matter what it is🙏🏼…….and that was a 🐝 Beeutiful ending as well😉

  20. Mimi W says:

    great one, emily!

  21. WOW, "the weather is benefitting us"

    How effing tone deaf. People around the world are dying, large parts of countries are on fire. But hey, as long as the rich people have great weather! Absolutely ridiculous.

  22. Great podcast! You do look so much like your dad

  23. Jaye Clayton says:

    I appreciate this podcast, this has been very inspirational. Go Terry!

  24. Madison Hall says:

    One of my favorite episodes yet! I would love for you to interview your parents one episode. All about how they met/life&family advice/key to a successful family &marriage

  25. Mary Quinlan says:

    Add a Terry podcast to the Bows And Company Network!!!

  26. Steve Daniel says:

    A wealth of knowledge!!! Go terry !! I can see between you an Ann why the girls are heading to success… everything stems from home!

  27. Terry hanging on your every word is a beautiful thing! You all have great personalities! Love this❤

  28. Shirlee C. says:

    Could listen to Terry anytime. I love his insight and wise words. Also you should totally have grandpa Jack on ❤.

  29. Lilly Minton says:

    Terry and Anne are internet parents🩷🥺

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