Bride killed after suspected drunk driver crashes into golf cart hours after wedding

A bride was killed and her groom seriously injured when a suspected drunk driver crashed into their golf cart just hours after their wedding. A 25-year-old suspect has been arrested and charged with DUI and reckless homicide. Nancy Chen has the details.

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35 Replies to “Bride killed after suspected drunk driver crashes into golf cart hours after wedding”

  1. E R I says:

    This is absolutely heartbreaking. My deepest condolences to the family and friends involved in this horrific tragedy.


  3. B says:

    Omg this is so sad I don’t go anywhere anymore I’m so afraid of other drivers 🥺

  4. Marlene Ful says:

    such a beautiful couple.

  5. NinjaZXRR says:

    Why were they in a golf cart?
    A car/suv is a lot safer.

  6. Bring back “an eye for an eye” and this world will steady become a better place.

  7. Monni Khan says:

    Life is so unpredictable 😭

  8. Mad Max says:

    Something similar happened in my town several years ago. The newlyweds were on their way to the reception and got in a car accident, killing the groom and seriously injuring the bride.

  9. jason linton says:

    She will get 15 years and be out in 7 mark my words theres no punishment for these crimes in the united states anymore i just seen a video of a girl that killed a 9 year old girl walking to school and kept going didnt stop went to a gas station parked the car because it was damaged to bad to drive from hitting the child and called somebody to pick her up and take her to work like nothing happened the child hit her windsheild and busted it and she still said she didnt know she hit anything and she only got 14 years before that her and her family members jumped and beat up the mother of the child that she killed at a grocery store while she was out on bond its just unreal

  10. Mad Max says:

    Sounds like the only thing that Jamie Lee learned in college was how to get f'd up!

  11. Terrible 😔 rest in peace and prayers to the husband and the family

  12. Nuke China says:

    Damn to die a virgin

  13. Dino Sarac says:

    if they were on drugs everyone would put blame on the drug dealer…how bout we blame the alcohol dealer

  14. John Smith says:

    She should get a public beat down

  15. 2ellas2 says:

    That's terrible. How fast were they going to throw the golf cart the length of a football field?

  16. Dudley says:

    Isn't it illegal to drive a golf cart on public roads?

  17. Florida has to do something about ludicrous laws allowing golf carts on the road.

  18. Time to ban alcohol.

  19. A golf cart driving on public roads?

  20. T C says:


  21. DTB says:

    Damn she never even got to divorce him… the American dream.

  22. Don’t drive a golf cart on the road

  23. This is awful. Condolences to all their family and friends.

  24. Seth Aguilar says:

    So sad… finding Love is hard enough 💔🥀

  25. Notaspy12 says:

    This crap is why I hate drivers, half of you all can’t drive sober, yet think it’s perfectly fine to drink a few and then drive. I hope that lady goes to jail for a while.

  26. So sad!! Awful 😖 Just as their lives were beginning, so much happiness to come then that person stole their happily ever after just because she was selfish and didn't know how to use her brain!!

  27. Alcohol should be banned.

  28. This is incredibly horrible. I'm so fed up of people killing others due to their negligence. There's gotta be exemplary sentences and punishments. When is it going to be enough? It breaks my heart to think the man will wake up without his newly wife, they enjoyed their marriage only less than 24 hrs. I'm so upset

  29. So senseless. My condolences.🙏🙏🙏

  30. Alcohol should be banned

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