Bridgestone E9 Long Drive Golf Ball Review

We have a newcomer to the Bridgestone lineup. The E9 golf ball was designed in partnership with the World Long Drive committee to develop a golf ball with unmatched distance and straighter flight. How is the first attempt at it? Let’s find out!

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00:00 Intro
2:11 Design
3:35 Chipping and Putting
6:45 9 Iron
7:29 7 Iron
8:52 5 Hybrid
9:38 Driver
11:43 Durability
12:12 Conclusion


13 Replies to “Bridgestone E9 Long Drive Golf Ball Review”

  1. I had similar results. No spin or workability. I like how you’re including a screen shot of “Pros & Cons”. Nice touch to the videos.

  2. Do you love your driver?

  3. Joe Meer says:

    I found a weird looking ball on course called the Uther. Have you tried this? Found it super long- until I lost it lol,.

  4. "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

  5. Alex Piller says:

    I wss able to test one of these out too. I would agree it was pretty straight but the highly skilled / terrible golfer can still put a wicked slice on it. Thanks for the review

  6. John Cooper says:

    I used to play Bridgestone golf balls all the time when I lived in England. Now I am in Thailand I play Inesis. I think Bridgestone are doing what Wilson do and make too many models of golf ball.

  7. Charles Rohl says:

    For us mid handicappers, do you like the chrome soft ?
    Thanks in advance ! Love your testing !

  8. Boone Docker says:

    Bridgestone needs to stick to tires.

  9. Etherblitz says:

    This ball is not meant to be gamed. Long drive only.
    If you want a great gamer use the BXS.

  10. Will William says:

    Played a Bridgestone e5 and srixon soft feel, and had my lowest round ever (87) on a tough course a few weeks back. Had my mojo that day. This week on a much easier course played my wilson zip which had done well for me before except for wear, shot 104 not my best stuff. Golf is like that sometimes (7 sand traps)? Thanks for your review. Will be in New Port Richey in Aug, hoping to find a couse nearby. My favorite Magnolia Valley closed down.

  11. Can you do the 23 kirkland that just came out

  12. Thanks for the review! I saw these at Walmart and was curious!

  13. Tom M says:

    Not great from them!
    What ball that you've tested had the most stopping power for your 7i?

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