Bringing a Ladder to a Rock Climbing Gym!

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Ross @CreationsRoss
Kole @kole.clark



0:00 Legend
0:02 Intro
0:13 Golf surfin’
1:16 Filling My Mouth with Beans and Going to the Dentist
3:08 Fountain surfin’
4:01 Kole gets a lift
5:50 Retention pond surfin’
6:15 Promo
6:33 Bringing a Ladder to a Rock Climbing Gym
13:07 Poop surfin’
13:32 You’re probably being filmed
14:09 Ice surfin’


23 Replies to “Bringing a Ladder to a Rock Climbing Gym!”

  1. I think I’m in love w miss poopy pants. Should I vlog our first…2nd date?

  2. Griffin says:

    Not a single person in that climbing gym could hang lol. If I saw that I think I'd die laughing.

  3. Gama games says:

    8:17 "you look familiar"

    "You watch gay porn?"

  4. IT & Fitness says:

    Future caren was handled like a champ

  5. Joe D says:

    So that's how he met his gf

  6. 15:29 Is that Peet Montzingo!?!

  7. Pharm05 says:

    Can you imagine how miserable your life must be to just be mad at everyone and everything ALL THE TIME

  8. Jam Kle says:

    "Whos expence is this at?"

    I loooove it! Hahahaha

  9. Irell Green says:

    Ms. poopy pants, needs some dick in her life lol

  10. Big Pun says:

    Note to self: Rock wall climbers don't have a sense of humor…. and calling someone dumb, to their face, that's just ridiculous! Suppose that person really is dumb, that's just hurtful

  11. Milo McNally says:

    The people in the climbing gym had valid points about putting others at risk. To me it just seemed like Ross was bullying them.
    Ive been subbed for a long time but theres a more mean spirited approach to some of these videos that I dont like.

  12. Was it world Karen day that day?

  13. Vertical Ventures ….. the place NOT to go ….hahahahaha POOPY PANTS

  14. This video could get Miss Poopy Pants fired. That was some serious unprofessional behavior. I hope her boss sees this video.

  15. 11:07 She drops her phone 😂 Why'd you cut it out?

  16. You should probably just sell the ladder it would be dangerous to use it at home too😂

  17. "you're lucky i'm holding her back" with your forearm 😭

  18. Manuel Kumli says:

    3:43 some people have zero fun in life

  19. Omg that’s a Karen at the end of the video 😂😂😂😫 she’s being extra

  20. I don't want to try a climbing gym anymore

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