Broad Retires on a High! | 360 Show S02E05 (ft. Dale Steyn)

My old nemesis Stuart Broad retired on a high this week to wrap up the 5th Ashes Test. I called up a dear friend – Dale Steyn – to talk about Broad, pace bowling, and the Ashes. With 10 weeks to go for the #WorldCup23, let’s also take a look at the hosts India in a first of 10 team check-ins, and who I think their ODI Number 4 should be. And a look at Bengaluru, as one of the 10 venues of the mega tournament. Plenty of cricket in this week’s 360 Show presented by Fairplay.

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00:00 What’s on this episode?
00:42 Broad Retires
04:10 Ashes ft. Dale Steyn
13:48 India’s No. 4 Solution
15:50 Venue Preview: Bengaluru
17:40 Fairplay 360 Quiz
19:10 #ABReacts

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42 Replies to “Broad Retires on a High! | 360 Show S02E05 (ft. Dale Steyn)”

  1. Boss miss you ❤❤❤

  2. Ab devilliers also a youtuber 😮

  3. V D says:

    RCB should hire for ABD for Head Batting Coach ❤️

  4. ShivA 55 says:

    Sir Faf duplesis and Sir Jaques Kallis as guests in the 360 show

  5. Pappu Yadav says:

    Bharat (india 🇮🇳) fans you miss 😂😂 Abd

  6. You should upload related to batting techniques

  7. Noah Breyl says:

    Stuart Broad has only dismissed you once via bowled, you chopped the ball onto the stumps😢.

  8. Big fan sir you my idol I'm 360° player in academy please sir please reply me I no you no reply me

  9. My Idol Is Sir AB Devillers😎😎
    Sir i am ur biggest fan❤❤

  10. I would listen to them for hours and not get bored

  11. Come back to cricket please

  12. I miss you ABD❤❤❤❤

  13. SANDEEP VJ says:

    Absolutely loving this side of yours where you share your thoughts about life and cricket with your mates and it's great to know about you more with every video you upload ❤️ Big fan of yours ab, don't stop posting vidoes 🤌🏻❤️

  14. Aj Gill says:

    Yup both of you are the best cheers 👍

  15. Ooh ab everybody want's you on ground plz come back.

  16. "Trynna live life at the same time" Wowww great lines.

  17. My two all time favorites

  18. Xavier says:

    Rahul (wk)

    This is my playing 11 for india

  19. I'm Awesome says:

    You're 39 you can still play the 2019 world cup love from India

  20. The Revenant says:

    Ab please make video on batting tips from basic

  21. My fav Stuart Broad movement is being hit for 6 sixes 😂😂

  22. Ab de villiers belo to 360

  23. Hi ABD love you from india❤
    I always pray to God you made century against my favorite ipl team MI ..

  24. Rohit JAIN says:

    Love to see u 2 together

  25. Love you ab❤❤❤❤

  26. Mitul Dalal says:

    Ab and Steyn ruled cricket.

  27. ABD Please come back RCB 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i miss 360

  28. AB Sir Please Come Back To RCB ❤️ Love From Karnataka 💛❤️


  30. Please back in rcb

  31. Thanks ou AB, ek geniet altyd die show!

  32. Gangaram18 says:

    Miss you abd sir 😭😭

  33. Sir please come back in RCB❤

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