Bubbie Gets A Lesson From Jordan Spieth's Coach

Cameron McCormick

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26 Replies to “Bubbie Gets A Lesson From Jordan Spieth's Coach”

  1. BERTRAND850 says:

    He’s a phenomenal coach.

  2. Joel Shelton says:

    Everyone just loves Bubbie. Impeccable manners, vibes and the golf swing is a joy to watch.

  3. Lance Moore says:

    Bubbie should be the face of golf. So kind, so down to earth, so thankful.

  4. Daveyboy024 says:

    Love me some Bubbie!

  5. Andrew Kim says:

    this is the closest good good member lesson i can relate to thanks for uploading all of them

  6. TxRedMan says:

    The South Tee was cleared for this lesson.

  7. As a baseball player who started playing golf a year ago, this was golden for me. We just have lot of vertical movement of the head (Also, knee locking) which creates contact problems.

  8. Enjoying these videos with Cameron.

  9. aerodynamic says:

    Saw Cameron on the driving range broadcast from the Open on thursday, funny recognizing him with Jordan after watching the Garrett videos!

  10. Jason says:

    Love these fix videos

  11. Oisin Moore says:

    Bubbie could become a reeeeeally good golfer.

  12. Chick Fila says:

    What shoes is bubbie wearing

  13. I have this exact problem!! Bubbie and Cameron are both legends

  14. Anyone else notice the coach wearing the GG gear ?

  15. Rob says:

    Always amazing when a lesson tip immediately works. Takes me around a year to see improvements from a change.

  16. RGLKE says:

    That cool guy draw is killing your game. You have the skills to hit it straight just as much as you force the draw. Dont be scarred bub

  17. Garry Bruce says:

    Is Bubbie the most respectful YouTuber? I think he may well be.

  18. Ryan Choat says:

    I can’t even explain how good that feels as he doesn’t even really do what the guy suggest . No knee bend what’s so ever how about on your down swing instead of exploding up you stay tight to the ball through your swing you aren’t stopping you power

  19. Thomas Copp says:

    Would love Good Good to come to Australia. Bubbie’s incredibly likeable.

  20. Much better than the Leadbetter lesson.

  21. SukitTrabeck says:

    Oh I have been waiting for this!!

  22. RTC says:

    Bubbie has so much natural speed. If he would take the practice aspect seriously, put in time at the range and with coaches, chipping putting, daily, working hard he'd be the best Youtube golfer out there, but practicing doesn't seem to be who Bubbie is and that's OK too, BUT if he did put in the time, LOOK OUT. He'd whip Micah Morris' ass!

  23. ultimatejay says:

    The standard golf swing just like he shown in the video is that your impact position is way different then your set up position. Moe Norman solved this issue by standing further away with hands up so set up and impact position are the same. He was best ball striker to have ever lived

  24. He also looks like the toe of his club is awful upright. It would be interesting to see if that continues through the shot. He may be able to flatten the lie in his clubs to help correct the left ball.

  25. Robert R says:

    7 handicap so much cap!! Lmao 😂

  26. John B says:

    “Baseball players bring to golf such great power capacity using their body to create force”

    Bubbie says thank you… it was a general statement, not a compliment lol

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