Buffalo Bills Schedule Primer & Spring Depth Chart Review | Going Deep Podcast

The Going Deep Podcast speculates about the Buffalo Bills 2023 schedule and reviews the Bills depth chart heading into OTA’s.


5 Replies to “Buffalo Bills Schedule Primer & Spring Depth Chart Review | Going Deep Podcast”

  1. You don't bring a back the caliber of latavius Murray in to be on the practice squad. He has told the team he is not interested in doing that . He wants to contribute on Game day

  2. "Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning." –Robert Kiyosaki

  3. JarjTheJargj says:

    I have a lot of faith in Dorian Williams and in the coaching staff’s ability to get him ready to fit whatever scheme McDermz has been cookin up for the defense. I would bet the farm that he will be on the field in week 1, and will shine. And then 50+% of Bills Mafia will be calling for his head as soon as he makes one mistake, no matter how many good plays he makes. 😂

  4. I agree…I think the Rook is going to start.

  5. Like Mikes comments national news always have more information verses local

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