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Golf Professional and half of Me and My Golf’s Piers Ward visits the Kingdom at TaylorMade HeadQuarters for an Iron, Utility, Fairway Wood fitting.

We work through different iron shafts and deep dive on his preference towards the TaylorMade P7MB / P7MC Combination. We adjust the setting on his Stealth 2 Plus 5 wood to compliment his game and fill a major gap with multiple Utility iron options.

No longer should you view your set as 14 clubs but consider each individual club for a particular purpose in a given environment.

As always Piers offers fantastic insight from a coaching perspective with informative information from beginning to end to help with your own personal equipment choices.

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Piers Ward Driver Fitting:

P7 Series Irons:

Filthy Stealth 2 Plus FW Wood:

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19 Replies to “Building The Perfect Set of Clubs | LIVE FITTING | TrottieGolf”

  1. Trottie you are the GOAT no sugar coating straight up and direct you keep your fittings direct and keep people on the right path while still listening to them

  2. G says:

    Most other players who come to see you with a -3/4 path you’ll try to straighten out – any reason why no mention of path ?

  3. Chris Kubond says:

    Really enjoyed it

  4. Keezo says:

    forget making clubs that fit him, get him some trousers that fit him

  5. Paul Bown says:

    Trottie laying down some truth bombs!
    Awesome as always

  6. Freddy m says:

    Is the club head speed = height for a specific club, or all irons?

  7. Trottie you’re a mad scientist of golf fitting. Sounds like you got some new mics, sound on videos is so much better!

  8. Seagr8 says:

    Trottie that was the best fitting and explanation that I understood everything. Thank you can't wait to find a fitter closer to home with half your knowledge.

  9. Nigel Cooke says:

    Shafts are so individual, I’ve tried the Proj X in many irons and dynamics and never got the best out of it, was a hardened Dynamic Gold fan until I stuck the Modus in a set of srixons and have been a fan of the shaft ever since.. and still have them in my mizuno T22 wedges purely for the feel.. great fitting again Trottie.. 💥💥👍👍

  10. Roy Close says:

    I have taylormade combo set pw 98 mb 67 p7mc 45 hybrid and love em 😊

  11. Diego Diaz says:

    Trottie the boss.

  12. Craig Berry says:

    What's his iron specs? Is he 1/2" over? He seemed to be swinging well there! Nice work

  13. dc 618 says:

    trottie,could you fit piers out for some slacks aswell 😜

  14. Connor Robb says:

    Don’t really see you fitting anyone into P7TW. What’s the reason?

  15. Gary says:

    sick one 🥃

  16. Daveyboy024 says:

    You are the best Trottie!! Keep up the great content.

  17. I believe like Trottie. I have different clubs in woods and hybrids and change per the golf course and needs. I also have two putters, for when I play at clubs with very nice and fast greens, and one for public courses with slower greens. I have two drivers, one with two shafts, a regular flex and a stiff. I use the regular on more open courses I can bomb it but it’s more erratic, the stiff shaft is shorter in distance but is a fairway finder for tighter fairways.

  18. brian says:

    Wish there were some good fitters in my area

  19. Grizzb says:

    nice one trottie you the man

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