Buyers Products Forged D-Ring With 4-Hole Integral Mounting Bracket Review and Installation

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Full transcript:
Hi everyone. Adam with Today we’re going to be taking a look at the buyers products D link mounting bracket. So these are going to be ideal for a new trailer or old trailer. Whether you’re just making it a custom tie down point for whatever you may be hauling. My ranger here, I like to tie it down in the center on the front and back.

So that’s what I went ahead and did. Just put it in the middle of my trailer. Just to get everything kind of centered and tied down.But if you have a car or even a golf cart, lawn equipment, whatever it is, you can actually place these wherever on your trailer. Just to make a custom fit to whatever you may be hauling. So this is going to be a more heavy duty bracket.

It is going to get you about 8,000 pounds of weight capacity, and also it’s going to have a working load limit of 6,130 pounds.It’s all made of forge steel. And we’re going to have about a five eighths of an inch diameter on this ring here. And it’s going to have a width of three inches and a height of three inches. The bracket itself does have four different tie down points. So that’s going to spread out all that pole strength, just to make sure it’s going to spread all that out.

So you’re not going to be pulling your floor up very easily.We are going to have a dimensions of about five and seven, eighths inches by five and seven eighths inches. This is going to be kind of a bigger plate. But that’s what gets it that larger weight capacity. And from the bottom of our plate here, to this little ridge where our dealing sits in there. It is going to be about an inch and three quarter inches.So yes, the more heavy duty bracket does stick up a little bit, compared to some of the recessed tie down points.

But it’s definitely going to be able to quadruple the capacity of some of these recessed tie down points.I honestly say it’s not going to be that big of a deal. That it isn’t nice and flush. Because there’s no sharp edges here. It really isn’t going to damage any of your tires or equipment you may have. So one thing I do like about the buyer’s products de-link tie down bracket, is the fact that it’s powder-coated. It’s going to look nice and it’s not going to end up like some of the bare metal ones that we have here. Over time, t’s just natural. They’re just going to start looking a little bit more worn down.It doesn’t really affect the performance of them, but I honestly want my trailer to look as nice as the day that I put it all together. So the hardware is included with the kit. And they are going to be about two and a quarter inches long. So if you have a more thicker floor, you might have to go to the hardware store and pick up some longer bolts.So as you can see here, we really didn’t even get to the nylon part of the nut. Just because we do have some two by fours on our floor here. So if that’s the same situation you guys have, definitely recommend going ahead and grabbing a little bit longer bolts. Just so you can thread that through and catch them more, a couple more threads.So my opinion if you’re building a trailer or replacing the tie down points on your current trailer, I would suggest just kind of over specking everything. Yeah, it’s an 8,000 pound tie down point. My side by side probably doesn’t need all of that, but I just rather have the more heavy duty stuff on my trailer. Just in case they get in those situations, where I might need it. And they’re all really easy to install just four little bolts.So let’s just go ahead and do that now. So the first thing we want to do is find the right spot for a new tie down points. And this point, we are actually going to replace our existing tie-downs. So that’s the place we’re going to put it. We could do this in many different ways. We can get a, maybe like a paint marker and kind of mark these. Make sure we’re going to get them drilled out properly. And in the right spot. You can do it that way, or I do is just kind of, center it up the best you can.And just give yourself a little drill mark. Now I can remove this and finish drilling our holes.Go ahead and make sure all the holes line up. Seems good to go. And we’re going to take our included hardware, put it down in there. And this little square part here, is going to prevent it from turning. So if you have it where it’s just kind of sitting up like this, rotate it down so it sits flush with that plate.So now we can go ahead and put our plate on the back. And we are going to get a nylon lock down with our kit. And just go ahead an


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  1. Is the trailer length 12 or 14ft?

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