Cambridge IELTS 18 Test 1 Listening | How I got this 39/40 accuracy

you gotta learn how to highlight the right keywords

Cambridge IELTS 18 Test 2 Listening” uploaded

Cambridge IELTS 18 ~ 5 | You can take them for FREE

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6 Replies to “Cambridge IELTS 18 Test 1 Listening | How I got this 39/40 accuracy”

  1. hina kazmi says:

    Why u highlight main things and mention answers? This isn't helpful for the preparation.

  2. OMG YouTube says:

    Got 35 gonna get the same score i. The real test or more

  3. News Hunter says:

    How did you make this video? It's BC original test model from Cambridge 18. Do you have any soft copy of Cambridge 18?šŸ˜€

  4. News Hunter says:

    Thanks a lot indeed. We're waiting for test 2,3 & 4. Best of luck.

  5. Test 3 test 4 whare? plz fast make videos

  6. Sky_ Shoot says:

    What is verification code in the website and how can i get this listening

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