Can I make birdie on the most famous hole in golf? #golf #golfswing #golfclub #pebblebeach

Playing the most famous hole in all of golf the 18th at Pebble Beach


12 Replies to “Can I make birdie on the most famous hole in golf? #golf #golfswing #golfclub #pebblebeach”

  1. JJ G says:

    Most famous in the US, maybe.

  2. Ian McInally says:

    Love your videos but stupid title. Not even the most famous hole in USA, definitely not the world 😂😂😂😂

  3. I would say maybe the most famous par-5 in the world. But not the most famous hole in golf. There's a lot of other candidates for that honor.

  4. Ben Cooper says:

    Matt Scharff eagled this hole no more than an hour ago

  5. David Kearns says:

    when do we see the entire video of pebble beach?

  6. MVP1622 says:

    Can you come down to CT & give me lesson😩😩

  7. DB says:

    Show off influencers 🤦‍♂️. What happened to this channel, what a shame to find it 90% of these so called youtube golf coaches or trainers arnt even certified golf coaches.

    What a shame these people trick the entire community boasting they are the best😂.

    Wth this isn't MySpace or Facebook. We don't want to see your clipped together, reshoots to look better at golfing❤😂 4 what is the purpose of this other than to show off?

  8. Tim Rosales says:

    Nice shoes… I just bought me a pair and they are so nice. On my bucket list to play next year 👍 😂

  9. Richo says:

    Maybe in America, but not in all of golf. The 18th at St Andrews is more famours than the 18th at Pebbe Beach. But I think the 17th at St Andrews is the most famous hole in all of golf. If you just said "The Road Hole" to most golfers, they'd know where you were talking about.

  10. You could make birdie Matt your more then capable. Maybe next time.

  11. Your drive was not first rate, your second shot was in the sand, ? and your 3rd shot landed nowhere near the flag. Did you warm up beforehand ?

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