Can Jesus Save Them? $10,000 Golf Challenge with @jesusofgolf!

In this gripping golf game show, watch as @jesusofgolf, the golfing savior himself, along with the dynamic @jayceeoh, and the entertaining pair from the beloved golf podcast, Country Club Adjacent, @bottleofstotle and @griffpippin, battle it out for a whopping $10,000!

Each birdie they score adds cash to the prize pot, but one misstep, one bogey, and they could lose it all. Can Jesus and his team save their scores and secure the grand prize? Or will the pressure be their downfall? Join us for a roller coaster of emotions, suspense, and non-stop golfing action!

Music Produced by Jayceeoh

Additional Music by

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Welcome to the most exciting golf game show on YouTube! #10kGolfChallenge #TeamForesomes


2 Replies to “Can Jesus Save Them? $10,000 Golf Challenge with @jesusofgolf!”

  1. Dj A-TRAIN says:

    The golf movie we’ve all been waiting for 🥲

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