Can PSVR 2 save this TRANSFORMERS VR game? // Transformers Beyond Reality PSVR 2 Gameplay

A Transformers VR game feels like an absolute no brainer, stomping around as an Autobot and doing battle with Decepticons in city blocks and destructible environments would be AWESOME… but sadly that is not the route that Transformers Beyond Reality VR took, instead this new PSVR 2 game (which is a fine tuned port of the PSVR version) decided to go down the on-rails VR arcade shooter route and sadly squanders the potential of the IP. I do actually like VR arcades shooters/VR light gun games but Transformers Beyond Reality forgets to bring anything fun to the table, shooting endless waves of generic robot beetles (Insecticons) as you roll slowly through 6 different campaign levels feels like the kind of point and shoot experience we moved past decades ago. This VR Transformers game needed some big set pieces, variations of enemies and a general change of pace to the action every now and then (or perhaps a higher emphasis on the ducking and dodging/fitness element) to inject some fun into the experience but sadly it insists on waddling along at a painfully dull pace.

This Transformers Beyond Reality PSVR 2 gameplay was captured direct from the PS5, sadly this game displays at half the frame rate on the spectator camera/mirror so it’s displayed here at 30fps. In the headset it does look far smoother at 70fps.

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33 Replies to “Can PSVR 2 save this TRANSFORMERS VR game? // Transformers Beyond Reality PSVR 2 Gameplay”

  1. Love transformers so once it's under 10 bucks 100 percent purchase.
    I want twisted metal vr game and resistance fall of man remake in vr.

  2. Antjones says:

    Oh beardy , playing the trash so we dont have to.

  3. magicfok says:

    Year of 2023 🤣🤣🤣

  4. - Popcycle - says:

    Looks rubbish to be honest . Waiting for red matter .

  5. Thegooob95 says:

    The resolution looks like 2

  6. midlifekid says:

    im regreting my psvr2 purchase only 2 good adventure games, and i feel sony will not invest unless a few million headsets get sold

  7. looks like a VR version of the arcade rail shooter

  8. Looks dumb. 2023 and dumb fks are making single player games on a future headset. Useless devs, the entire point of the internet is to play against real people.

  9. Psvr2 badly needs a mech multiplayer game, the hand controls are made for that sht

  10. Deca Dent says:

    Looks like a quest game.

  11. A transformers game where you don’t even play as a transformer, what is even the point?

  12. Ronny says:


  13. TheSurfheart says:

    It doesn’t serve the PSVR2 well having stuff like this stinking up the library!

  14. QuipSilverVR says:

    With all due to respects to the Devs, this game looks like a boring, uninspired use of the Transformers IP. Having a gun with no reload, fighting robot bugs 98% and having barebones boss fights and no real influence on the fights happening around you. I dunno, I don't like the idea of dunking on a game since they likely worked hard on it, but it felt like we got the opposite of everything we could want in a Transformers game.

  15. This sucks…which makes me happy. F**k PSVR2.

  16. It looks similar to Robo Recall. I was hoping for a Transformers game where the robot you are playing was able to transform. That aside, it would still be cool to be placed in this Transformers' world. Is it coming to the Quest 2?

  17. Steve Green says:

    Games based on popular but bad movies are never good.

  18. Beetle juice shooter

  19. It reminds me of the riverboat ride in horizon COTM only with guns and worse graphics.

  20. xyz2theb says:

    Is the game really this choppy? or is this a video rendering issue?

  21. Kevin Ford says:

    Can we get witcher 3 in vr

  22. I'd like a Transformers VR game. 😄

    I don't want a Transformers rail shooter though. 😑

  23. Haruchai says:

    As someone for who Transformers passed me by I have no nostalgia for the franchise. So looking at this just as a game it certainly plays, and to a certain extent looks, 'last gen'. I thought after the first level it looks like it was made for kids, so agree with that sentiment later in the video.

  24. I'm Batman says:

    Resolution is crap but that frame rate is woeful. Shame too, love Transformers.

    This will be a perfect £8 game in a few months.

  25. m moh says:

    is this game running on 20 fps ?

  26. Wolves ay we says:

    I don`t like it when there is no 4090 Gameplay in the title

  27. It needs a few things. A resolution bump, and the ability to turn off haptics for the main weapon. If both of those get patched, it's a decent rail

  28. Should I buy into the radius or survival nation

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