Can You Beat DARK SOULS With Only The Darkhand?

Why there isn’t a cool darkhand-esque shield in Elden Ring is anyone’s guess, but NOT EVEN THE DRAGON BONE FIST WAS INCLUDED!?!?!??

Thanks for watching, music suggestions and awful run ideas are very welcome in the comments section. Please no critical reviews as I am very petite and frail.

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Music List:

Risk of Rain: Chanson d’Automne
Persona 5: Last Surprise
Persona 5: Wake up (Get up)
Undertale: CORE
Undertale: Bergentruckung
Undertale: ASGORE
Undertale: Undertale
Persona 5: Life will change
Persona 5: Take over
MGR: It Has To Be This Way

I’m obviously not talented enough to have created any of these.

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20 Replies to “Can You Beat DARK SOULS With Only The Darkhand?”

  1. Are says:

    Run failed, some of your damage came from gravity to the tauros demon and not dark hand 🙁

  2. how tf do you have 70 humanity🥲

  3. amazing video really love your style

  4. As soon as I heard the persona music I knew you were a man of class

  5. I've been waiting for this!

  6. Hopefully I'll not be done with my sl1 bare fist only challenge next time you upload, also I really liked the video

  7. Kenneth Grey says:

    Yo, I just realized that this is the second time I have seen someone do this. First was a stream by The Backlogs and now you. Let's go brothers of the dark hand.

  8. fat lobster says:

    The editing make this 10x better.

  9. Scowleasy says:

    “Somehow gaping dragon 1-shot me with 3/4 stone armor”

    Forgot to kill the channeler lmao

  10. Gavin McKay says:

    i’m currently doing a fist run of ds1. i have a +7 caestus and i’m at quelaag. it’s pretty hard lmao

  11. Moon says:

    darksouls 3 crossbow only was the most fun run I've ever done, so that may be a fun run for you

  12. tyler pajic says:

    do a crystal weapons only run

  13. 12345 678 says:

    12:50 isn't that how you get to the hidden chest?

  14. Highly underrated, great editing dude! Love the challenge and commentary.

  15. Hannah B says:

    As a Dark Souls weenie, this is insane to see. My very much more experienced sibling is also thoroughly impressed, keep doing what you do.

  16. peepodababy says:

    Another banger. Keep it up 🙂

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