Canon EOS R100 Camera Settings, Tips & Tutorial

Professional photography Tony Northrup shows you everything you need to know about using your Canon R100 mirrorless camera, including the camera settings, different modes (such as Program Mode, Manual Mode, Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority), bracketing, video (including 4k), stabilization and more!

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0:00 Introduction
1:09 Accessing the Manual
2:21 Firmware Updates
2:33 Tips for DSLR Users
3:27 Unintuitive Aspects
3:47 Diopter (Adjusting Viewfinder Vision)
4:44 Lucky Strap Recommendations
5:04 AirTag Recommendation
5:29 Camera Ports (Microphone, USB, HDMI)
6:49 SD Card Recommendation
8:04 How to Format Memory Card
9:05 Buttons & Dials
12:45 Q Button in Auto Mode
14:42 Turn off the Beeping
15:16 Scenes
16:33 Filters Mode
16:58 Shutter Modes (Single vs Continuous)
19:01 promo
19:56 Video resolution & frame rate
20:58 Creative modes: Aperture, Shutter Priority & Manual mode
21:29 Program Mode
21:52 Shutter Priority (Tv)
22:25 Aperture Priority (Av)
22:56 Manual Mode (M)
23:19 Movie Mode
24:21 Video Stabilization
25:26 Audio levels when recording video
26:43 Q Button in Creative Mode
28:37 Extra Menus in Creative Modes
29:12 Turning off Beginner Mode
30:07 Exposure Compensation
30:44 Lens Control Ring
32:21 ISO
34:34 Bulb Mode
35:41 Set Copyright Info
36:31 Customizing Buttons & Controls
37:44 Time-lapse Movies
39:33 Raw vs JPG (file formats)
41:27 Bracketing
44:04 Reviewing Pictures
44:11 Rating Pictures
44:49 Erasing Pictures
44:59 Auto Review (disabling)
45:30 Memory Card Readers-Copying Pictures off your camera
45:55 Phone/WiFi Apps
46:54 Image.Canon
49:15 Lens Suggestions
52:04 Flash Suggestions


9 Replies to “Canon EOS R100 Camera Settings, Tips & Tutorial”

  1. If there is a camera lens that you dont want ill take it😊

  2. This camera doesn't sell. It's very crippled and sub-standard in 2023. Not even 1 review at B&H.

  3. Stefan Mundt says:

    I believe that the EOS R100 is a marketing strategy. It marks the boundary and guides the human mind to buy the next better option e.g R50. Why do you think we are often provided three options when buying a service. One with so little provisions that it doesn't make sense. One pro plan that is way too expensive. How often have we selected the middle just right option. The provider guides us, eases us into buying what they want to sell us. It is about the human mind and the comments section is not the right place to discuss. I believe the guidelines that Canon offers us are indeed the R100 and the R3.
    My humble opinion.

  4. Catalin A says:

    Congrats on your new, Canon-crippled EOS R100 camera. No touchscreen on this.

    Even the R50 is quite ergonomically flawed, compared to let's say the Nikon Z50, though the R50 autofocus and features are stellar.

    Now imagine, taking away the touchscreen from the R50, as way as worsening it in all the ways, and you arrive at the R100.

  5. Farm Boy says:

    Chelsea left you alone with an R100 in the studio, and a good educational video is born, lol. I'm still on the fence on what model canon i want to replace my 22 year old 2.1mp Sony mavica cd1000 that just wont die. I have to except that while physically it's not dead after 22 years, technologically it died long ago. Lol

  6. Matt Halpain says:

    I have an EF mount 100mm macro lens that I bought used from Adorama costing me $600. I have a 24-105mm EF mount lens that I bought used from a friend. On my Canon 5D mark iii, and Canon Rebel T7 I can use both my EF-mount 100mm, and 24-105mm lenses natively with out an adapter. When I do upgrade to a mirrorless Canon camera will get a camera like the Canon R100 for the entry level price. And I will definitely save up for the 18-150mm zoom lens. I love my 24-105mm EF mount lens but to have an even wider and more macro lens like the 18-150mm will be great !

  7. Thomas Ott says:

    Excellent tutorial.

  8. Matt Halpain says:

    I have a Canon 5D mark iii and a Canon Rebel T7. I use my T7 more than my 5D mark iii. I like the presets of my T7 (sports, portrait, etc.) I like a lot that the R100 has "presets" in scene mode. I know how to shoot manually but some times I just want the "can't go wrong" preset, like for example the sports preset is so helpful to me to not have to think about if I have the right camera settings to capture the moving subject in focus. Also with the presets I look at the photo's meta data and I learn what the T7 camera chooses for "optimal" photos and I can apply that knowledge to tweak the manual camera settings to my liking.

  9. JR A. says:

    Thanks Tony! Are you able to make one for the Fuji X-S20. I suspect that will be the sleeper hit of the year!

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