Card Throwing Accuracy Challenge #shorts

Card Throwing Accuracy Challenge!! #shorts #magic #cardthrowing
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38 Replies to “Card Throwing Accuracy Challenge #shorts”

  1. SQ but how does a do that so fast in good ill ask him on spraying my guy

  2. My guy just got sniped

  3. I feel bad for the last kid

  4. Bros face at the end😂

  5. I feel so bad cards really hurt at that speed😢

  6. Suz Heerelal says:

    He Hit the boy head😢

  7. Teri Miron says:

    Starve Kerr wy bro

  8. K.o😂😂😂😂

  9. Last kid prayed to god he almost cried 🥲

  10. Smite999 says:

    Disclaimer: No last kid was hurt in this videos

  11. TTV_TO_GOD says:

    That was about to cry

  12. Cool kid says:

    Bro new from the start he was going to be hit😢

  13. ヨウやま says:

    Bro didn’t even say sorry

  14. Even though he prayed those cards can smell FEAR😂😂😂😂lil boy was scared from the get go😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Don Butler says:

    He prayed the wrong way 😢😢

  16. LikeAGh0stt says:

    ik that bitch hurted 💀

  17. At least he he dropped the bottle lmao 😂

  18. Megan Belser says:

    the look on the kids face

  19. Bro died 😢💀

  20. I feel bad for that dude head

  21. Allie S says:

    No worries no tears he was more like ouch that was not expected.

  22. UNKNOWN💀 says:

    The last was holding a whole tsunami of tears😭

  23. EJ Bican says:

    The terror in the last kids face

  24. TheAnimeFan says:

    The last kid almost cried and also under his eyes it shows us that he doesnt touch alot of grass💀

  25. I'm from Ely elementary

  26. I hope it did not hurt too much.

  27. smiles of the last kid😍

  28. Archinator13 says:

    Headshot fatal victory

  29. Xxxxxxx says:

    Respect to landen

  30. Why subscribe when you hit him in the head

  31. I feel bad becaus he prayd to god

  32. Chris R says:

    Glad he actually showed a mistake

  33. Ahmad Shehab says:

    The last kid almost cried😢

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