Cataclysm DDA / Critical Hitz / Ep: 11

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‘Critical Hitz’ Vorm explores the Critical Hit and Weak-Point systems via an EMT Ninja Archer with a dissection fetish in the ‘Challenge – Close Encounter’ scenario.

World settings of note: Enemy Spawn: 2.0, Evolution: 2.0, Item Spawn: 0.5, Random NPC: 0.0, Initial Day: 30, Spawn Delay 30, Initial Time: 23, Wandering Hordes: True. Graphic Tileset: Chibi-Ultica, Soundpack: @’s Soundpack (for game sound effects), Music from Co.Ag Soundpack.

Modlist: None

Original Music produced and recorded by Co.Ag and included via Co.Ag Soundpack mixed by Skybreach.

Co.Ag Music :

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