Chad Mumm & Dexter Fowler on Making Full Swing S1 & S2, Relating To Pro Golfers As People

Welcome to Round 2 Hole 10 of Par 3 Podcast! Your hosts Ben Baller, J.R. Smith & Stephen Malbon hit the course! Where no shot is out of bounds! Live From Las Vegas at The Wynn Hotel in Blue Wire Studios! Joined by Chad Mumm (Full Swing Executive Producer/Avid Golfer) & Dexter Fowler (World Series Champion/Avid Golfer) on together to discuss: How Dexter got into golf at as a youngster, Chad being an army brat and how he got into golf, his grandfather being an amateur club builder, hitting a Persimmons, JR thanking Chad for Full Swing, the inner workings of making Full Swing with the pros, Season 2 & how it’s being filmed, Brooks Koepka interviews, following the pros around anywhere they’ll let them, which pro Dexter & JR relates to the most, being a professional athlete and putting in the work versus perception, Ben’s relationship with Colin Morikawa, the difference between every pro, Scouting report on Dexter’s game, competitive nature of golf, Chad playing in St. Andrews & how many golfer are in USA & more! This action packed episode is not to be missed!

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5 Replies to “Chad Mumm & Dexter Fowler on Making Full Swing S1 & S2, Relating To Pro Golfers As People”

  1. patface says:

    Ben always brings up the farmers. It’s so annoying.

  2. Ben baller vs dj khaled “the match “

  3. Appreciate the continued grind fellas!!! 🥇

  4. juice says:

    Ben… it's time to tell and give the people what they want. Can you confirm you're better than DJ Khaled?? Genuine question.

  5. Solid content appreciate the work

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