Cheapest Golf Ball at Walmart (Nitro Golf Ball Review)

We headed out to America’s favorite local golf store to support local…. Nope we went out to Walmart to find the cheapest golf ball …


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  1. docv73 says:

    No launch monitor? Walmart budget? Yet you say it's not scientific… HA! You tested it in the same conditions most of us live and play. It's the most scientific test I've found on YouTube. 🙂

  2. Bradjpg says:

    Need me a Scotty 🤞🏻 Love the videos

  3. Confirm ur allowed to film? Bro it’s America u can film anywere ya want for most part . Love ur channel keep up the good work

  4. NITRO, my first staff bag was a black NITRO leather bag , with gull wings (ping zing) knock offs ….lol …they were stolen from my car….

  5. Chris Caster says:

    Natural balls are not bad at all but hid real good the nitro golf clubs we're pretty good too when I tested them and they're not a bad price at all

  6. David Lloyd says:

    Worst balls ever!!!

  7. pbr3point says:

    OK ball evaluation, be better if your audio was better. Wait until you get near your mic to start talking.

  8. Edward Faron says:

    If I start to play golf, I am sure that the more expensive the ball, the better golfer I will be.

  9. Was this your first vid ever?

  10. Enthused says:

    I'm new to golf, been playing about a year, 2-3 times a month. Haven't played a single game using new balls, and most have been beat up, weathered range balls with gouges in them. I'm 100% convinced that balls and clubs have maybe a combined 3% effect on your golf game unless they're bent, cracked or warped. Age and normal cosmetic wear, as well as ball construction and softness are pretty much a nonfactor if you learn to use the right club and work on your technique. In a year I went from averaging around 116 to getting my first 85 the other day, and it included a birdie and 5 pars. Used the same weathered range ball the entire day. Picked up 300 old worn out balls on Facebook for $20, threw away the oblong warped and cracked ones. Had about 250 left over. I use a $20 used set of 15-year-old clubs that actually came in a nice bag with 20 balls and like 150 tees that sat in a dude's garage for 12 years collecting dust. It's all technique, in my opinion.

  11. Love the videos, but hate walmart..!

  12. Mallards Bro says:

    I want to try these, my buddy works at a really nice golf course and gets really nice balls for free but it hurts me when i hit them into some really thick brush or pond / river, i just started so I guarantee they wouldn’t hold me back like they would for someone of your caliber😂

  13. sonic sega says:

    nitros do feel like a toy. they are very bouncy and get caught in the wind very easily. hit a nitro and then a callaway. the callaway will feel like a rock. it's hard to judge the power needed for a nitro because it will bounce or get more height than intended.

  14. JADO says:

    i play nitros bc im poor but I love them

  15. Greg Marcou says:

    I've done that same test, Nitro vs pro v1 on my home course hole number 4 (par 5) and it wasn't close. Nitro was 20yds shorter on the drive. Every shot was shorter to some degree!

  16. Its a decent ball…as good as any 2 piece surlyn ball in the compression range imho. I'm a single digit handicapper and i play them. The munis i play art particular firm or fast…they do as well as anything in the Titleist Velocity type range imho. A solid value.

  17. Melz says:

    Haven't seen any new content so I dug into the archives. It was odd not hearing from Ashley. Since I'm a high handicapper (more like a Hacker), I cut my golf ball losses and buy cheap! Someday, I may dig deeper into my wallet and upgrade!

  18. Heydeereman says:

    Regular Iron Byron 😁

  19. steve perry says:

    i buy and play the pinnacle soft but also play more premium balls that i find or win at tournaments or get as a gift.

  20. steve perry says:

    the other day at the range there were some nitro balls in the bucket and i could not believe how far they went, POWWW!!!

  21. Jon & Ash, looking forward to this type of coverage some of the times with you both playing alongside testing golf balls. 😅🤗

  22. Jose Cabrera says:

    For a weekend player Nitros are awesome 👏 get my practice in and don’t really care if I loose one or two once in a while

  23. Had you hit two identical balls you’d likely had different results also

  24. Lucas Smith says:

    I use the nitros and I’m a beginner only been playing bout 4 months but I buy nitros also only 13

  25. Trent Dennis says:


  26. I have used nitros and I do like then , you can't beat the price

  27. Is that the worlds greatest putter lurking behind you at Walmart? 😆

  28. Is this the first video ever? Trying to watch them all!!! And see how things have changed lol

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