Chill Trailmakers DoG Fights

A spontaneous recording with friends
Intro – Fly of Beelzebub
Background – scourge of the universe
Background – universal collapse
Outro – Raw Unfiltered Calamity
#buildingsimulator #gameplay #trailmakers


18 Replies to “Chill Trailmakers DoG Fights”

  1. G!Oo says:

    This reminds me of when me and my friends used to mess around in games so, great vid storm 🙂

  2. Man is just trying to have his wholesome fun while the boys make him need to do all this extra lol

  3. the tutorial content is very usefull because im getting into trailmakers

  4. KURD LAWAN says:

    that a damn good intro how did u made that 😱😱😱❣❤

  5. hiii how are you? i watched ur other vid and this stuff is still good. see you next vid!

  6. How do you make the alien technology?

  7. cosmocart2 says:

    storm name leak (real) 8:06

  8. NTony says:

    this was me chat

  9. “With my flaps down, I can turn at a rate of very fast."

  10. Pizza Eater says:

    im will be waiting for the 20k face reveal

  11. Paul Regman says:

    I do like dogfights, and almost all the time when I was dogfighting I used glitchless planes, but i think ill start using them. Love your vids!

  12. Dang this channel is so under rated just gives me the same energy of gaming with the boys

  13. I says:

    This man deserves 1 million

  14. it was the alien tech/targeting scrambler video that got you sooo many subs.
    I was on Trailmakers earlier and a random guy said he was trying to make one after watching your video on it

  15. Greyzon says:

    Will you do any more dogfights with the Storm Ray/lock on jammer plane?

  16. BushyDemon says:

    This whole video is such bros bros dudes dudes energy

  17. EnvY says:

    Get em Storm :> Nice getting a new vid today and nice dogfighting, they should definitely replace the parrot sound for 6:45 That close call was hilarious

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