Choose Your Bag Challenge ft. Fairway Bros | Beginner Disc Golf Challenges

Every week over on the Foundation Podcast Network, I get the chance to cohost a podcast with All Business Brad called In the Bag. In this podcast we do bag fittings as you might call them where we discuss different amateur’s bags and see what holes/shots might be in their bag. We then recommend a disc for them to try out, and after 60+ episodes we decided to have a little challenge. The Fairway Bros, aka Brad and Jason, each had a bag drafted of discs we’ve recommended and headed out to Falling Creek Reds to see who had the best game that day! Who cam out on top?? You’ll have to watch to find out!!

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Thanks again for stopping by, but until next time I hope the birdies outnumber the bogies!!

0:00 Intro
0:42 Setting the Table
1:37 Hole 1
3:46 Hole 2
5:25 Hole 3
7:51 Hole 4
9:40 Hole 5
11:16 Hole 6
14:20 Hole 7
16:09 Hole 8
17:24 Hole 9
18:43 Hole 10
20:17 Wrap Up


25 Replies to “Choose Your Bag Challenge ft. Fairway Bros | Beginner Disc Golf Challenges”

  1. Big tip: Force yourself to play with certain discs by limiting your bag or adding something new. You learn more about different discs and shots that way

  2. Sweet 3/3 round! I’ve been having some 2/3 rounds and really enjoying the rule of 1/3’s mindset!

  3. This was a great challenge!

  4. Who have you been fighting Robbie?

  5. Peter Bonk says:

    So glad to see the Bear get some air time. Love that disc.

  6. Robbie is 100% the most positive person alive.s

  7. You literally made my fiancé come out the other room and said I’m doing great thank you 😂😂

  8. dave palmer says:

    Hey robbie, how are you doing today, hope you are having a good one. What are the name shout outs? How do I get one? 🎉 going to be a great weekend, headed to ledgstone Saturday/Sunday 🎉

  9. BillFromAZ says:

    Brad's mind wasn't on his game……he was paying too much attention to his phone.

  10. I think Jason will win, excited to see what actually happens

  11. Jay M says:

    That phoenix t-shirt is pretty cool!

  12. Bruce Leo says:

    At the end of the day, par is good golf. Not thee win, but a win. Props to Jason for being in the zone. Love days when the shots align and you score better than you buds!

  13. is that a starter kit version of the SENSEI? It sounds very hard and heavy

  14. MetaDrew says:

    "You don't realize how much you lean on discs until you don't have them"
    Great point from Brad, playing with a limited bag, or a bag of not your absolute favorites can really help identify part of your game that you have been avoiding or struggling with since you don't have your crutches to rely on bailing you out of this or that shot.

  15. Jason has a more smooth and confident stroke. I have seen guys who just can put more spin on their throws and it looks effortless.

  16. wes bennett says:

    Hey! I'm the friend jason referenced playing New london with! Lessgo!!!

  17. Dead Ewok says:

    this was a REALLY fun video. and that first shot from Jason with the Origin was so satisfying to watch. my Origin and midnight prowl are my favorite discs in my bag, so there's just something super satisfying about watching that flight.

  18. Glenn R. says:

    Fun fact: “Mano e Mano” means hand to hand, not man to man.

  19. Nicolai Berg says:

    Awesome video! Everything with Brad and Jason is great!

  20. Jason shredded, probably due to those BPN supplements lol

  21. Nick Japs says:

    How do I try to sign up for in the bag?

  22. Fantastik87z says:

    That was a fun one. The the very cordial trash talk is hilarious.

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