Claire and Tim Scramble for A Wedge GIVEAWAY!!

If Tim and Claire can shoot three under par in their 6 hole scramble someone who is subscribed to the channel, likes the video, and comments on the video will win a brand new skyforger wedge of their choice!


20 Replies to “Claire and Tim Scramble for A Wedge GIVEAWAY!!”

  1. BRUH says:

    Great team effort 👏

  2. Love watching these challenges. Still think you should take a few putting lessons from Claire Tim.😊

  3. domomunk says:

    Skyforger Wedges look damn sleek

  4. Brett Annett says:

    Amazing shot with the 4 iron. Great video guys

  5. Always cool to see Tim and Claire playing together!! Nice scramble🏌‍♂⛳😀

  6. Can’t lie, seeing Claire stripe that 4 iron so purely makes me want to swing some Takomos…

  7. Awesome play you two. Not sure about the L'oreal advert at the start

  8. Great video both, love Clare on the channel

  9. Tyler Allyn says:

    So fun⛳️👏😁

  10. Tyler Allyn says:

    So fun you two, this was a scrambled ham and egg scramble of a golf day⛳️👏I'll take an omelette😁

  11. drewbean03 says:

    everybody loves a good eagle chance!

  12. Justin Rice says:

    When is that driving iron coming out? I believe you mentioned it a few weeks back.

  13. Johonna Cox says:

    I truly enjoy watching you two. The banter is totally fun.

  14. Luis Bracero says:

    Great team work! Even got the extra $50 gift card for the winner! 🎉 can’t wait to get a set of Takomo Irons!

  15. Justin Rice says:

    Still eying up those 301MBs, they look super sharp, hoping to try one out next week at the RGC Mad Scramble

  16. Noel Arwidi says:

    Its nice seeing a brand make actuall content and reach out to the community, feels like a bigger prize than a wedge (although I definetly wouldnt mind winning one).

  17. Lee Schwabe says:

    loving the fun quality content! Thanks for looking out for us!

  18. Mark White says:

    Tim you were smashing the ball today and Claire was impressive as always!

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