Club Champion Media Live Q&A Monday 7th August






Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


22 Replies to “Club Champion Media Live Q&A Monday 7th August”

  1. C'mon Ian… Fine to say that you have a top 3 Courses in Scotland .. But for you not to have St Andrews as #1 Is just wrong Pal… Reason being, when you Tee it up un the First hole at St Andrews you are stepping into the History of the game, Playing the same tees as so many Historical figures in Golf who stepped into that shot, then walked the course step for step behind the Greats in Golf There is no feeling like it in the realm of Modern Golf and you missed the mark on this one…….. Still luv ya pal, but you really need a Re-Think that answer…… Stuart

  2. For a Mezz 1, Accra or LA Golf Putter Shaft?

  3. DA Claggett says:

    Top guest pick – Nick Taylor – I agree.

  4. Gain Bear says:

    Anyone who hits a 3 wood primarily off the tee needs to go try the mini-D in 13.5*.

  5. The TW13s in white are great 👍

  6. Trottie would be great!
    Johnny too!
    Any golfer that clearly likes the gear

  7. Michael Lim says:

    Peter Finch, Mark Crossfield

  8. Med Float says:

    Do a fitting for Bonnie McMurray….oh Bonnie

  9. Corey Robert says:

    Scott Fawcett on the podcast. Decade is one of the most interesting things in modern golf.

  10. Srixon fairway wood review?

  11. Just on the iron cover players. I am one that used them and do for a couple reasons. 1. I can't afford to replace iron sets often and wish to keep them looking nice as long as possible and 2. I hate the sound of them banging on each other while in the cart or carry bag (which also goes with #1, undue damage). Feel free to bash me for this, lol

  12. Lloyd Rodger says:

    I had a fitting at preform many years ago and I was also fit into the modus 120 stiff, similar to Ian. I was swinging 6 iron at 99mph at the time. I'm in KBS tour C taper X stiff now, but chucked on old sm6 gap wedge in the bag which has the modus in it and it is quickly becoming my favourite club to hit.

  13. Y’all still allowed to call this TXG Q&A? Lol

  14. Brian Nelson says:

    Ian did your sister in law get you a picture from outside Rugby park on Saturday

  15. Marcin says:

    It's been hot in Europe recently. Could you please test alu and carbon driver heads before and after 4h direct sun exposure to 40°C? like you did balls test in the past. I see many golfers don't put cover on during round.

  16. Rob S says:

    Do you guys not get Canadian holidays anymore 😂

  17. Rob S says:

    Bring on Bryson or someone from Krank

  18. Thomas Smith says:

    Love Cobra one length but losing distance with 4 5 6 would you suggest a combo set with variable 4 5 6? Thanks for your advice.

  19. Steep angle of attack with driver. Any head shaft combo that would help?

  20. Jeremy Weber says:

    Bring on Rick Shiels and do a full bag fitting by Ian! He is open to whatever works best and the world needs to see this happen 🙂

  21. I suggest you bring in pro golfers from each of the Tours.

  22. Mark Arnold says:

    We have a drinking game where every time Ian changes a club in his bag, we have to do a shot.

    We spend a lot of time passed out.

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