Club Junkie: What's In The Bag, And Backup Bag, For My Guys Golf Trip!

My annual guys golf trip is next week and I have been agonizing over clubs for awhile now. The gamer bag includes a Titleist TSR2, Callaway Paradym, Ping G430, and some Cleveland RTX6 wedges! The backup bag is almost set with some questions at driver and fairway.


4 Replies to “Club Junkie: What's In The Bag, And Backup Bag, For My Guys Golf Trip!”

  1. TSR2 is the best driver for me. I was custom fit for it at 2ndSwing in DE with the Hzdrs red CB 50 gram S shaft. Compared it to my old 2026 M2, Callaway Rouge ST Max and Ping G430 Max. Got the best Smash Factor highest ball speeds too compared to all 3. Ironically My 3 & 5 woods are Callaway Rouge ST Max, their low profile faces and super flat soles gives me the best performance off the turf (mat) during the custom fit. and it was the most accurate too compared to TSR2 & TSR3 3 woods.

  2. We play for the porky cup and like your group lots of smack talking.

  3. Enjoy bring home the trophy

  4. Glad to see I’m not the only person who takes extra set of clubs and like 5 driver shafts 3 driver heads and two putters on golf trips! Usually have to ship some down there ahead of trip!

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