Cobra AEROJET Irons Review is this the Best Golf Irons in its Class? Its a strong lofted distance inspired Max Forgiveness club that isn’t ugly looking, has visible head tech on show with a confidence inspiring whack when hit.
The Cobra Aerojet Irons are definitely one for you to test. Be careful about the lofting of this iron and ensure its lofted or adjusted to your speed requirements.

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9 Replies to “COBRA AEROJET Irons NOT to be IGNORED”

  1. ~~2.0 yds per 7i mph is a good shaft fit. Per prior Tman Tour data.

  2. It’s a 6i lofted 7i 😂

  3. Jerry Smiley says:

    I wonder what they would do with standard lofts?

  4. Mike B says:

    While I'm sure that the Aerojets would be a better fit for me than my current 2020 Forged Tec irons, I just can't deal with the badging inside of most game improvement irons or even some of the players cavity backs. That being said, I really miss my old Amp Forged irons.

  5. Chester says:

    I have the Cobra Radspeed one-length irons (two generations ago, 27.5* 7-iron), and they are the best irons I have ever had. I have no gapping issues with the One-length. Nice review, thanks.

  6. LE GEND says:

    It’s a little disturbing that at your speed you still only managed that type of peak height and descent angle don’t you think 😬(except for those low strikes). I imagine at a slower speed those iron shots aren’t holding greens 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. rlb says:

    Glad you got Cobra(and Cleveland) agreements. Two excellent and underrated brands. Can't wait for more reviews of these brands, especially the T-Rail and Launcher Halo irons.

  8. What a step from the beautiful looking Mizuno irons to this cobras… I'm sure, they are performing well, but what a difference to the mizunos….

  9. Gary Bignell says:

    Great content as always

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