Cobra King F6 Fairway Review By Golfalot

Cobra King F6 Fairway Review shows how Flip Zone weights move across a single F6 fairway head. More at


3 Replies to “Cobra King F6 Fairway Review By Golfalot”

  1. Mike B says:

    I have the Cobra F6 and the Cobra LTD, but I prefer the F6, it's not quite as long as the LTD, but it's more forgiving and easier to Launch.

  2. Sodthong says:

    My F6 fairway wood was custom fitted one inch short by Cobra, but they never added any extra weight and the swingweight was terrible. Won't be buying Cobra again..

  3. Sp 76 says:

    Just picked up the F6 3 wood and I can say its absolutely awesome with the weight at the back, high flight and very long easily 10 yards longer for me then the m2 3 wood I had before

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