Could I beat a fifth grader in basketball? (PGA Tour 2K23)

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22 Replies to “Could I beat a fifth grader in basketball? (PGA Tour 2K23)”

  1. I’m a YouTube Andy so I don’t see chat. How much money does mad dog nation usually give?

  2. babrdiddle says:

    56:01 I have NEVER been more personally attacked than today

  3. I think part of why people get upset when you (general you) say that a job isnt 'hard' is because it perpetuates the myth of 'unskilled' labor. Whether its true or not, people deserve a living wage, which I'm sure you (you specifically) know. But there are many that dont and would use a job not being 'hard' as an excuse to pay people shit wages that make it impossible to live.

  4. Bee Bee says:

    Plumber was going to change my buddy 2500 to dig the hole to fix the main water line going into his house, we just dug it ourselves and got to play in the mud for an hour

  5. I love your content, but your videos cut out and stutter every time you stop talking. I don't have sound issues on any other YouTube videos I watch.

  6. Lrba says:

    this guy's goin places

  7. Shea Graffin says:

    I would love to know his take on Ireland 🇮🇪

  8. K1ngUltrex says:

    NL talking about "backing it up on a 5th grader" has me dead 💀

  9. The funniest thing about this video is how often NL ruthlessly roasts someone right before making the worst golf shot of all time.

  10. Mr Snack Bar says:

    25:35 back in the early 2000s my highschool had very bad fist fights weekly if not daily, it would be a huge throng of 200+ students watching and egging on a almost always 1v1 single fight. So it was a big problem but almost always a self controlled by the crowd BC kicking someone who was down back then seemed to not be allowed.

    Our school had full boxing, kick boxing wrestling equipment and it was a required 2 or so week event for each gym class.
    At a school wide meeting about the constant violence i voiced we should let them fight it out on our lunch hour under supervision. In full boxing gear and regulations with periods and such. Most would be winded quick with all that padded gear on. If they are going to fight, they are going to fight. If not directly after school then sometime later. Teachers following the throng after school only helped the smallest bit, and shouldnt be a teachers job.

    I and many others thought my half baked idea was brilliant but the teachers and over active PTA moms…not to much.

  11. Alex Chang says:

    NL's plumber analogy here can also be described as the labour theory of value

  12. Nick White says:

    NL takes really working for me right now lol

  13. Chris Dobson says:

    The best 5th grader would destroy NL in basketball. The best 5th grade kid would have nearly an adult body.

  14. Chris Dobson says:

    24:40 Watch NL think the "bad" Virginia is the one that split off from the original Virginia because they refused to fight for the South in the Civil War.

  15. Connor Clark says:

    Paying for an oil change makes some sense, because usually it’s pretty cheap and it’s annoying to deal with old oil, but not changing your tires‽‽‽ That’s worth some humiliation for sure.

  16. Re: the handyman thing, Everything is time vs money vs effort, use one to save on the others

    I fixed my washing machine for the price of the part and the time it took it to replace, after just googling the problem.
    A callout would've been no effort but cost several hundred and take just as long

  17. K1ngUltrex says:

    anyone else bother by his cursor on the screen

  18. In tenth grade there was a a dude who was 6'6 and 340 pound in the year UNDER ME I give myself 75/25 on the fithgrader.

  19. I am starting to think that he will never change the angle of his shot. It's driving me mad for no reason.

  20. Brandon says:

    The carolinas are both bad for sure, but virginia just plain fucking sucks. Virginia is literally good for nothing

  21. Westphal says:

    Pro Golfer looks like an active member of the NRA

  22. Josh says:

    I love that his golfer's name is still "Pro Golfer"

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