Counterbalanced Wedge? Surprising Results

What happens when you add weight to the grip end of your wedge. I try adding both 25g and 50g to my sand wedge to see what happens.

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19 Replies to “Counterbalanced Wedge? Surprising Results”

  1. MJAC says:

    Great video for me as I've been experimenting with the same idea thoiugh my added weight was in the grip via rubber tape to enlarge diiameter due to arthritis in my hands. Distance reslults improved significantly. Like you say, at first I was concerned about the very light swingweights in the middle C range, but overall it's been a great success for me. Thanks for posting this video. Retired carpenter age 73.

  2. Would love to see some mid iron testing at full shots. The tour lock pro system has a table of weight suggestions for different handicap brackets about 20 grams average. There are limited reviews online about real results from these and whether people stick with them after time.

  3. J피터 says:

    Wow…helped a lot. 😊

  4. I'd be curious to see how it performs on short wedge game (pitching/chipping) in different lie condition.

  5. This video speaks volumes! Man I’ve been doing this since last year. My personal opinion overall weight with the right shaft profile and the right counter weight is key. All my clubs are in the c swingweight range but my clubs are heavy. And you can be substantially more creative with a well balanced club. Love the video man.

  6. I play a heavier swing weight profile in all my irons – roughly D8 – because I need that to feel the club head (+1”) and my non set wedges weigh in at E0/E1 (again +1”) so I wonder if counter balancing will be an effective change for me. I’d be afraid of losing the club head if they were lighter.

  7. Deano says:

    I mentioned a few months back about you building a dedicated specialized club to hit the lowest ball possible under trees that goes about 150 meters that every golfer strikes in their rounds. Have you any thoughts about this as there is not a club on the market that does this?

  8. Don Machen says:

    Great video! Am I correct that you added the counterbalancing weight wrapped foam? Did you use any epoxy to keep ot from moving? Thank you.

  9. John says:

    I tried adding 25gms to a seven iron and found no discernible difference but i dont have the facilities to keep switching out grips and weights or a swing monitor .
    I do have 25gms in the butt of my callaway i track putter and that made a huge difference i can now judge speed and distance without feeling like the head is in control , truly worthwhile.
    I have two hi toe wedges with light shafts d4 i think and they feel like bricks on sticks compared to my gamer tw9s with dynamic gold shafts which are d2 and match my ap2s , i would think changing the swingweight of your wedges so they dont match your irons can only be a bad thing , maybe not a lob wedge but a gap and sandwedge that your likely to full swing should definitely match surely ?
    And while im on rant , changing out my standard grips for midsize to lessen my left to right did not work at all ! Once a hooker always a hooker – as the archbishop said to the art teacher ….

  10. Gjbjr777 says:

    Another great informative video AJ 👊. Keep up the great work!

  11. Brent says:

    I bought the Cleveland Halo hybrid with the weight and the reason was due to dispersion vs my previous. I guess the theory is you will not cast as much and create a more repeatable swing.
    As others noted, maybe test in some other irons or woods. I know this tech has been out some time but maybe it's only good for certain clubs, or players.

  12. Interresting test and would be nice to see for irons, hybrids and woods aswell. Something that would be cool to see is thet you build say an iron each for the counterweights and let a a larger testpopulation hit the clubs and see what the generall resaults would be.

  13. I would guess that swing weight would potentially be a bigger issue on the course when going from a D2 iron to a C3 wedge.

  14. Allen Priest says:

    I really enjoy your videos. As an engineer, I find it fascinating learning about club weighting and how it affects the golf swing. I have a question for you. I purchased a used Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 2-Ball Putter which I really like. However, the shaft is 1.5-2 inches too long for me causing me to grip it very low on the grip. I'd like to have it cut down but I'm not sure what that will do to the swing balancing of the stroke labs shaft. I'd be interested in seeing a video that talks about the stroke labs hybrid shaft – half graphite / half steel – and what can be done to shorten the shaft without losing the benefits of the shaft.

  15. Like that about results over a Swing weight number. Do you believe that same thing holds true for the Driver/woods end of the bag?

  16. Very Cool video, where do you get those weights you were installing?

  17. Excellent test! Please repeat this with a 7-Iron…

  18. Kirk Weed says:

    Looking forward to trying this. By the way, now that Pure grips is going out of business, what is your best alternative?

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