Crack the Golf Swing Code with This Downswing Move

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In this video, we’re going to show you a downswing transition golf move that EVERY GOLFER can do to increase their speed and effortless power during their golf swing.This Downswing Move Makes The Golf Swing Easier

How often are you told that you need to shallow the golf club to stop coming over the top? Do you have a sensation of being stuck in your downswing where you don’t feel like you’ve got enough room causing you to flip at it, causing you to just not accelerate through the shot? Well, I’m gonna show you something that is a very significant feel that can change so much about your goal swing for the better.

This golf swing transition move is simple and easy to do, and will help you increase your speed and power while you’re golfing. If you’re looking to add a little extra speed and power to your golf swing, then watch this video and learn how to do the downswing transition golf move!

If you are wondering how to start a golf downswing, this will help you a lot. If you want more golf swing speed even with a golf swing for seniors you can too especially with a short backswing.

You can to even if you are a senior golf, with the right golf swing sequence and transition that is through the ball rather than at it, your will be less focussed on backswing positions and more on the downswing and golf swing release.

So if if you want to hit consistent irons shots and increase golf swing speed, this simple move with the feet will transform your swing.

The key move after you have done an efficient short backswing and wind up the core, with flow.

As mentioned in this lesson, this is the backswing feel you want.
Stop Trying To Make A Backswing Turn | WIND Up Your Golf Swing Like THIS

Now, you want to allow the heel to raise just a little.

When you almost complete your backswing, you have to start the downswing transition before you complete it by sending your energy and intent back to the through swing by planting the heel back down.

This will help weight shift and a good transition that is natural and effortless golf swing power. This is what John Rahm does in his golf swing very well plus his rotation and swing speed helps of course.

But you will find this helps to clear the hips and sling the club through.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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6 Replies to “Crack the Golf Swing Code with This Downswing Move”

  1. Sunny Wong says:

    This really helps me with my rhythm, instead of just pulling everything towards the ball underneath me… It was very hard for long irons with the width and time

  2. ajr says:

    Great video i think most golfers can relate to that downswing feeling. The move that made my downswing more fluid was having a more open stance which enabled me to have a more fluid swing. Thanks for the great content.

  3. Dave M says:

    I'm always working on getting my arms down in front quickly. Your low hands stuff etc. I've never seen anything like your second drill here. I think it may help me. Thanks

  4. Chris C says:

    This man is fire I’m telling you 👏🏼 😮‍💨

  5. JP Golf says:

    Without saying my name, you described me quite accurately. Thanks for your videos.

  6. Great video! I'm off to the range to try it now after work. Hope it'll help me out as well 😎

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