Craziest police chases from this week: July 15, 2023 | LiveNOW from FOX

The craziest police chases from this week include a stolen big rig, a suspect ditching a vehicle only to get back in (and get away) and a suspect who attempted to casually walk away from a car he allegedly stole. All three chases took place in Southern California in the Los Angeles area.

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24 Replies to “Craziest police chases from this week: July 15, 2023 | LiveNOW from FOX”

  1. I hear the reporter making comments and laughs.

  2. Declan Jones says:

    When he went under the bridge I thought this guy either knows exactly how the police operate, or no clue.

  3. Zsavage1 says:

    Nothing like sending a message to all car thieves, move to California where stealing cars is okay… WTG CAL. !!

  4. i go somewhere else ans youtube trash ads the longest fkn ad🖕🛰️🧠🍌💩

  5. Wokpete says:

    The cops don't care about your safety, they quit chasing for officer safety. If he was taking a video in public, then the cops would pursue him and lock him in the jail. When it comes to real crimes real criminals they're to scared to do the job.

  6. Fluffy says:

    a true MAGA supporter.

  7. FLOWER says:


  8. They need the Arkansas State Troopers here, he would have been stopped long ago.

  9. Carl says:

    I just farted

  10. Bobbi Cat says:

    And people want to know why the masses are leaving California, this state has gone to 💩.

  11. Dianne says:

    People need to take English grammar classes

  12. Ron Sinclair says:

    It's probably some kid in a joy ride

  13. kenj says:

    That "Oh" at 35:10 said all that needed to be said.

  14. kenj says:

    Why do you guys always assume the driver is a male?

  15. 61 Kennedy says:

    thank god it wasnt a Prius

  16. All I can picture is Fred durst

  17. Lady Honor says:


  18. He is so Despearte,maybe he have a gun too I dont think that the police take some chance too blocked him

  19. I m think,that the man who was so upseth, think it was his car??

  20. Wow Hope nobodey been hurt Like to look on this crazy Desperadoes

  21. We don't know why we following this car

  22. School on a Saturday yeah right sike

  23. The days thr police on they period and no feel like updating the media and its reporters hahahahaha

  24. Nena and Jag says:

    In the trenches with it.

    I’m getting credits to watch this video. I’m getting credits to watch this video. Getting credits to watch.

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