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25 Replies to “CRAZY Golf Galaxy Find #dumpsterdiving #flipping #golf #free”

  1. colinlpeace says:

    Some of the dumpster diving to me is really gross but stuff like this is amazing. These seem perfectly fine to be reused.

  2. Billy G says:

    Ebay and donate some to golf schools and to city colleges

  3. teky444 says:

    That’s atleast $5

  4. dalokz says:

    Ebay, here we come

  5. Why would they throw out all of those clubs? 🧐

  6. Richard Lane says:

    Open a putt putt or just go to the hood and sell them as weapons. Keep a club and one ball in your car at all times. If searched you can't be called out as a weapon due to the ball.

  7. Joan Thomson says:

    Cut them down for a kids program! Do not scrap them please❤😢

  8. You should go to the bank dumpster, I bet you'd find a million dollars in there

  9. MAGMArogue12 says:

    You could make some good money if there's a couple full sets in that pile. Even if there isn't selling them individually would still get you some decent money

  10. Webb Gaming says:

    Donate them to a high school with a golf team

  11. solala says:

    golf clubs are a great self defense tool.

  12. Do you have some regularnie job?

  13. Take them to a school that has a golf team. Many kids can't afford clubs.

  14. Drew McCann says:

    Looking at them from afar and being someone who golf’s a lot. They look very old and not good. That’s why they’re throw in dumpster

  15. Billy West says:

    Donate those to a school team

  16. I opened some of the 1st stores in Cincinnati Ohio they are owned by Dicks sporting goods now. What a shame

  17. Hey. STop this shit, it's illegal

  18. Take them to play it again sports

  19. RedMorg says:

    Flea market would be my advice. Or you could find an artist who can make something for you with them… My Dad actually uses older clubs to make canes…

  20. Sell them on line.

  21. Mameef says:

    You should look at them for any expensive ish ones because golf clubs are very pricy at times and all of them could very well catch a pretty penny

  22. So my golf place take the ends off! So I'm trying to figure out what I can make out of the handles 😊

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