Crazy Walmart Golf Challenge Versus Bubbie Golf

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Here’s the link to part 1 if you haven’t watched it already, and feel free to subscribe to bubbie’s channel while you’re over there 👉



48 Replies to “Crazy Walmart Golf Challenge Versus Bubbie Golf”

  1. John Martin says:

    LOVED these videos! You guys are awesome together!

  2. Great Twosome every video Real People.

  3. Happy birthday Ben. Your skills and bubbies approach to the game and you could be the next. . . We'll just pave the way my guy. Best wishes

  4. Bryan Bond says:

    Happy birthday, Ben! And I actually enjoy these types of videos even more than the straight up golf.

  5. Joe Newman says:

    Walks off the green with wrapping paper and a spatula after making eagle only on bens channel 😆

  6. Joe Newman says:

    Aww happy birthday brother Ben love your channel sending a little love from Niagara falls NY

  7. Mark Ringl says:

    Man that was great!

  8. Michael Wong says:

    I love Bubbie a lot. That being said… words cannot express how happy I was to see Ben win and hand him that L card.

  9. radiohd07 says:

    great fun video! Nice to see some fellow North Dallas golfers hitting the course in this 104+ temps.

  10. Cameron Ehle says:

    Ben, you and I have the same birthday 😎

  11. What a blast of a challenge. Looking forward to more of this 😀

  12. John McElroy says:

    Two of my favorite youtube golfers, being goofy and playing wacky golf challenges? Sign me up!

  13. Surf Cruzer says:

    Ben your a genius.

  14. Sir BLT says:

    I did that exact same Sorry For Your Loss card thing for a work ping pong tournament back in the day. Such a great feeling, especially when your opponent was talking mad shit like mine was, & I held him to 4 points 😂😂. Luckily, Bubby is one of the nicest dudes in the world, & loves a good laugh.

  15. Happy birthday Ben 🎁

  16. John Souza says:

    Next time I'm going to learn to hit a golf ball with a skillet.–Ben

  17. Derek He says:

    Best duo out here

  18. I'm with you, Ben. Bubbie's optimism is non-stop. I LOVE IT!

  19. Happy Birthday! Just 10 day later!

  20. Bro the pan 😂😂😂😂

  21. Cory Sides says:

    I’d like to see you use an entire bag of random items no clubs and no limit to how much you can use each one

  22. Russ Hansen says:

    Happy Birthday Ben! Yes again again please. Good good break from regular golf content.

  23. Love these silly formats. Brings fun to golf

  24. Daniel A. says:

    The pan 😂😂😂

  25. Hatmanandy says:

    Happy belated birthday Ben, love the content 🙌

  26. ShOrT RoUnD says:

    Happy early birthday sir

  27. F W says:

    That was so much fun! Happy Birthday Ben!!

  28. Y’all got killer chemistry man

  29. Dodger Dunn says:

    Happy birthday Ben!! Love bubbie and yours content!! Hope to meet y’all one day and golf🔥

  30. while i like Ben and Bubbie, and as an avid 50 year scratch golfer, committed golfers, we all need to change shit up to get back on track…that being said, I enjoy the fun, but I would suggest doing specific golf themed shit, like say, hmmm, hitting shorties like Phil? we all need to get off track to get back on track, but you two should challenge each other…you each pick the club for the other, every shot. 9i off the T at 500yds, ok, but you get to pick his club, etc. exhaust your skills so to say

  31. Joshua Blaha says:

    Gosh his lisp is so annoying he sounds like a damn toddler all the money he’s making take a damn speech class🤦‍♂️🤭🤦‍♂️

  32. Richybear says:

    Happy birthday Ben!

  33. Gary King says:

    Great video ! Ben's pan seen at 9;43 (ish) minutes had me doubled over. HILARIOUS. One of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  34. Loved it guys can’t wait for the next episode.

  35. OMFG FN says:

    Great video loved getting the 2nd half

  36. Robert Hamel says:

    Def want a rematch

  37. Happy day of your earthly jack up cyclical made up year day of your birth. God bless you and all the people who love you and your hatters too 😊🙏

  38. After you make that putt with the ruler , it sounds like you inserted the remember the titans music into the video 😂

  39. kerriwyd says:

    i don't know that bubbie was moved by your card :/

  40. Wayne Smith says:

    After seeing what you two did today and what Luke did in the UK, I really want to see a JR club challenge playing from the tips.

  41. This was wheel of not ideal mixed with budget fishing challenges. Genius

  42. Happy birthday Ben. Fantastic video.

  43. S L says:

    Always an awesome duo to watch! Very well done with the items that you had an amazing ending with the card! You two are thick as thieves

  44. mic ah says:

    DO more of these!! Maybe ask Colin if he has any tweaks for the format because he has an amazing brain 😂

  45. R2476 says:

    love the random item graphics lol

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