Custom SCOTTY CAMERON Found At A YARD SALE! #shorts

This garage sale had one of our most expensive golf club finds ever. A custom shop Scotty Cameron putter!

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33 Replies to “Custom SCOTTY CAMERON Found At A YARD SALE! #shorts”

  1. Stephen Pate says:

    This is EXACTLY what happens to your golf dreams and ambitions the moment you get married. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. PNZR_ says:

    If my wife insisted on me selling my expensive putters, it'll be a bad time. I'll miss her a lot.

  3. IU? Kentucky probably doesn't even know yall have a rivalry 😂

  4. bisket2003 says:

    Not even a mention on the Notre Dame…….Psch.

  5. Joe C says:

    He WAS gonna say 200 but remembered the wife was behind him 👀👀

  6. Honestly if someone said it was an heirloom or something I couldn’t buy it from them

  7. Tyler says:

    Should've lied and told him you were from University of Kentucky also. Just to make the guy feel a little better. Poor guy definitely didn't want to sell but was forced to. Maybe he doesn't play anymore.

  8. Gang says:

    Sell you hobby and passion for what?
    To pay bills? Cred it cards?
    Fucking vacation???? Oh lord

  9. Austin Tow says:

    It’s sad but if dude doesn’t want to sell it. He need to learn to man the fuck up and say no. Whether to his wife or to himself or whatever.

  10. Sacratus says:

    Poor dude. Not to rip his life choices or anything but seeing people around me with wives doesn't make me envious. I like being my own person, without any looming authority present.

  11. The most valuable thing in that garage is that University of Kentucky Wildcat flag!!!! Go Big Blue!!!!

  12. Wow I have that exact same horse head picture in my house that I got from a Garage Sale for $30!!

  13. WIlly RIvas says:

    There was pain in that face

  14. My man is giving up golfing. I wonder of he got hurt and cant do it anymore. Thats too bad.

  15. Let’s go find it!

  16. ACEBUBBLES says:

    u got an insane putter and 10 years of golf balls for 120$. Poor dude and L wife

  17. Chase West says:

    That man was waiting on that cash

  18. Huh Yeah says:

    You seen his arm jump When he said how much lmao

  19. CleverTaco says:

    Wives… am i right

  20. 👎 use this as the "return the putter" button

  21. Golf says:

    this is so random but i have that same painting with fred couples 😂

  22. D Powell says:

    I got a Titelist tour bag like that little one for 40 bucks from a pawn shop once

  23. I’m glad I don’t make a living barely skating by ripping people off but rather making a killing doing good for folks. This poor dude clearly didn’t wanna give it up the least he deserves is a fair price.

  24. I want his shirt 😂

  25. Echo says:

    Grabs every club except one. Hey what about that one you were trying not to let me see I want to buy that

  26. Michael scott: get lost

  27. zach little says:

    His face when you said custom shop .. i did 😮 he thought youd not want them and his wife wouldnt notice that old old club 😂 nice spot

  28. Joseph Riley says:

    I who!! Boiler up!!

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