It’s episode 300! We’re deciding what is the best video game!

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23 Replies to “DECIDING THE BEST GAME EVER | Game Mess Decides 300”

  1. Sam Young says:

    Killer moves on the outro, fellas

  2. I came for the Elden Ring talk and ended up sticking around.

  3. adam? says:

    I’m a much newer listener, under a year, but it’s been fun. Glad you’ve been so successful.

  4. phillabusta says:

    I’ve only been here a short while but I love and need my Nintendogs now happy 300

  5. Geir M says:

    Happy 300, guys. 💖💖🐶🐶

  6. Sam Young says:

    300 episodes? I’d swear this was their first.

  7. Rhade says:

    Can’t wait for another month of Zelda swooning while better games get ignored

  8. 300!!! Felicidades!! Por otros 300 mas🎉

  9. D, says:

    Happy 300! I listened to so many podcasts during the pandemic but theyve all slowly fallen to the wayside, but your shows are still a must listen every week. Very fun, engaging, and you guys are doing awesome. Thank you for the perseverance

  10. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime in the final top 5 reminds me why this podcast is the only one that knows games

  11. It’s super smash bros ultimate. It has it all

  12. Whoa they finally updated "Ejoy your gaming"

  13. masofdas says:

    SOTN is better than Super Metroid

  14. chillrobots says:

    Great show. Great hosts. Great times.

  15. freddie says:

    20$ says Jeff plays TOTK for 5 hours max

  16. Marc says:

    9:31 Game Mess Decides To Start

  17. I knew you boys back on Bitmob and started listening here about 2 years ago now. Cool journey for you guys

  18. happy 300th ma dudes! great job by mike carrying jeff all these years

  19. J.V. Simón says:


  20. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉300th Episode Guys. Congratulations 👏🎉

  21. Why Nintendo spends 6 years building an expansion pack and yall cream all over it?

  22. MachineFio says:

    Happy 300 guys! Thank you for making one of the best online communities.

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