Dee Snider Called Transphobic, Jay Leno Delivers Donuts, Loneliness As Deadly As Smoking

Chris reports the news. San Francisco Pride distancing themselves from Dee Snider, Randi Weingarten testifying before congress about school closures, the surgeon general saying loneliness poses risks as deadly as smoking, and Jay Leno handing out donuts during the Writer’s strike.


35 Replies to “Dee Snider Called Transphobic, Jay Leno Delivers Donuts, Loneliness As Deadly As Smoking”

  1. T d says:

    I like how Adam says he let go of Brian and Gina for platform changes, and proceeds with the same platform 😂

  2. Kyle Reese says:

    Every gender biz stat and claim is a lie. you cant name one thats not. no, gender meds dont help kids. no, dysphoric kids dont commit suicide more than other kids with same psych issues. no, theres no evidence gender "care" helps anyone. Medical group BMJ determined gender care cannot claim to be evidenced based. its not. turns out its all a hoax pushed by drs and pharm companies who are getting rich from the suffering of ppl with psych issues.

  3. Azure Nojito says:

    You sound a bit incompetent commenting on these posts, but no harm done. If you have something better to contribute with, please feel free.

  4. What happened to the woman with the jugs that used to be his sidekick?

  5. Am I the only one that's remembering both Paul Stanley and D Snyder practically lived their life in drag on stage…. For the record I agree completely with their statements I'm against all this woke Bull Shit.

  6. keeganshigh says:

    Lick it up is possibly the funniest song of all time.

  7. Grate Full says:

    Adam is so right. MOVE. GET UP and MOVE!!

  8. If you are trans you have more than a few screws loose 🤡

  9. Randy Spung says:

    Living near a hospital in NYC seeing ambulances every other minute? That’s horrific! I’ve never heard such a thing. 🥴 Good grief I hear squads running past our house all day and I live in a 30,000 size town. Good Grief! 🤬

  10. "If you're going through hell keep going." _Winston Churchill

  11. I can see it now:
    Adam Carolla boot camp. The theme is get off your ass!

  12. jaime mckay says:

    I knew that i needed a dog to get out and move. That is my motivation.

  13. OneZEROOne says:

    A Twisted Sister? L M F A O

  14. "You can do anything, but not everything." _

  15. Mitch D says:

    The nonsense word, "transphobic," needs to stop! I've NEVER heard of anyone who is "afraid" of a trans. Virtually everyone feels one or more of the of the following about trans: repulsed, disgusted, amused, or indifferent. Feel free to add more normal people feelings towards trans…

  16. Adam got the face lift that makes his eyebrows look like “I’m listening “.

  17. Billy says:

    Dee Snider is a heritic according to he perfectly sane trans movement, I don't even support the gay movement any longer due to them siding with woke Marxist lunatics.

  18. BEYOND ADORABLE IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!! He will be happy wherever you are- you love him, you take care of him like I know you will and everything will be fine ❤

  19. So this is not another show with Jay and Dee… I guess we have to pay for the divorce somehow. Why not make the show, then 25 five minute segments with adds at the beginning and end…that will get her paid… Bob's behind this bullsh*t for sure.

  20. Jeff Jacob says:

    To paraphrase George Carlin, fuck these activists, fuck these whiny bitches, fuck these boomers, fuck these yuppies… in fact fuck everybody now that I think about it. 😂

    Damn but he was great.

  21. 1 too many Tweets for Paul

  22. Why don’t you wear the ribbon Kramer?

  23. Brock Taylor says:

    A bay full of 40ft+ sailboats could only make it 12 miles offshore? Where do you think those boats came from? We sail them around the world. Lol

  24. R J says:

    adam, i love everything you say just about, and i would love to agree with the rant on depression, but some of us do have a lot of serious stuff going on that makes it truly an uphill battle to do anything. it is real. even when you look back and see you have gotten up and exercised and done all kinds of actions to make stuff better, but you still really struggle to do it all the time. it is hard, really hard for some of us.

  25. Cowards and lazy right on both counts. Cmon teachers defend yourself.. can’t cause you got nothing.

  26. Doug Gilmour says:

    Adam must be a huge MTG fan!

  27. That thumbnail of Dee Snider , sheesh 🙄

  28. Jo Blo says:

    For those with depression or social anxiety, yoga/stretching/pushups/jumping jacks can be a great way to get up and get started…you can be anywhere, you can do it alone, and even just a few minutes/few exercises can be good for you and a good start. It's important to listen to your body.
    As long as we have to live in these bodies, our physical/mental/emotional health (well-being) are all one inseparable thing.
    Dancing to your favorite music can also be really good exercise and lots of fun.
    I prefer funk/Motown to get down!

  29. Adrienne M says:

    43:05 black culture privilege. Very common for blacks to do this unfortunately if any other color did this it would be labeled race crime all over the news.

  30. greg y says:


  31. John Miller says:

    Of course she lives in NYC because every liberal seems to these days.

  32. greg y says:


  33. Adrienne M says:

    For a minute I thought the woman guest was Katie Hopkins. That would be a great guest too! ❤

  34. Gil says:

    I see neither Dee Snider or Jay Leno.

  35. Rainz says:

    I went to the beach on North Ave in Chicago when Lightfoot gated off all beaches that Summer of 2020, when BLM and Antifa thugs rioted on daily basis over some fake racism charges. I was the only one there at the beach, on a sunny day, surreal experience. Sure, couple of cops on quad-bikes approached me. I told them that I was exercising one-man protest to Lightfoot Despotic Dictator. They looked at each other and said that it was legit, and left. ))) I have a video of it to prove it, btw

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