Defining Lore?: A Special Edition! | How AI is Transforming Success | Early Release | EP:3.2

On this episode of Film The World Podcast, we dive into a wide range of topics. We start by discussing the popular TV series The Witcher and the speaker’s thoughts on the liberties taken in the second season. They highlight the importance of a legitimate story regardless of the medium. Moving on, we explore the speaker’s preference for movies with edited beats for a better viewing experience. Along the way, we stumble upon a special edition item called the “notorious PIG” and discuss upcoming plans and successes in their business, including the use of AI technology. We also touch on the significant increase in the IT development market.

But it’s not all business talk! We take a detour to discuss food, from the speaker’s love for thin, dry prosciutto to the richness of wagyu beef. We even share a bathroom humor moment and a personal coffee brewing recipe using the AeroPress. Looking at the bigger picture, we address the issue of weight gain in chickens and the potential solutions to global starvation.

As we dive into 2023, we can’t help but notice the hot weather in Tennessee and the interesting sight of shirtless old men. We also delve into the misconceptions around food expiration dates and the staggering amount of wasted food. We touch on the complexities of ticket resale and the legalities of gathering water at home. And, of course, we can’t forget the excitement surrounding the current state of technology and streaming capabilities.

Join us as we explore these diverse topics and share our insights and experiences. Stay tuned for some thought-provoking discussions, technological advancements, and a teaser for a future topic. Remember, in the world of film, we never run out of material to explore.

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00:00:21 Welcome back! We’re back in 2023.
00:03:43 Smoothie recipes. Weird TikTok lawn competitions. Septic system tips.
00:07:31 Critique of The Witcher season 2, plans for future projects, IT development.
00:11:59 Streaming capabilities open up incredible possibilities. Get ready for testing and information sharing. Tech integration is lagging behind, so think outside the box. Milk theft is a hot topic, fueled by past incidents.
00:16:58 Depleted resources and import reliance impacting economy.
00:20:46 Businesses need constant evolution and learning.
00:26:05 Farmers change crops based on demand.
00:27:58 Chickens gain weight, have health issues; conspiracy theories.
00:31:51 Illegal to gather water due to safety concerns.
00:35:07 Expensive concert tickets sold out, but more released. Some resell for higher prices.
00:39:47 Summary: The text discusses the taste, use, and experience of wagyu beef, as well as a recipe for coffee making. It also touches on the importance of having reading material in the bathroom and buying cheaper coffee.
00:45:17 Major movie network and platforms in progress.
00:47:55 Excitement for future tech and fun events.


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