Denmark: provoking the limits of tolerance

For decades Denmark has been a symbol of the Scandinavian model and has prided itself on its high standard of living, its excellent social welfare system and its open-mindedness towards minorities (particularly foreign communities). In 2019, the UN declared Denmark the happiest country in the world.

However, in the last couple of decades cracks have begun to appear in the Utopian model. The wave of immigrants arriving from the Middle East has stirred tensions. The state tracks down illegal migrants, men, women and children, and confines them to detention centers. The country’s latest project in dealing with arrivals has been to place them on an island.

Between a model of tolerance and an identity crisis, is Denmark becoming a nation of two minds?

Director: Antoine Dufeu


33 Replies to “Denmark: provoking the limits of tolerance”

  1. There should be free speech period. Those who think the speech is hateful can chose to ignore it.

  2. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The commentator is biased.

  3. GUJJAR says:

    Peaceful community at the edge of intolerance 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Tony Ves says:

    They appear to worship a book. Blasphemy in Islam.

  5. 😢
    Poor Iranian couple.
    Gave up their faith for what? Prison.
    I get the Danish people. They want to preserve their culture, mentality. As an immigrant I think the newcomers should be respectful to the local culture. However, requiring to take off the veil/scarf/hijab is a bit too far – it’s directly showing hostility towards the Muslims’ most sacred beliefs – that a woman if she chooses to wear a hijab 🧕to cover her sexuality and only reveal it to her chosen Man, she should have that right.

  6. Adrian__ says:

    When a western woman travel to Saudi Arabia must wear a hijab . And is no choice .

  7. Digustingly biased documentary but still good. Shows the situation in Denmark well.

  8. Bilal, who is from Pakistan is talking about 'getting along??????'

    We all know how Pakistan was in 1947 when it was separated from India. It had 25 percent hindu population.
    Today its not even 1 percent.

    How? Because all got along???

  9. Ana says:

    But Dans were quick to lecture other countries to be tolerant. What is the problem now, why don't they show by example?

  10. Be the example! We in holland shout that denmark must be the example.❤

  11. 6:07 I didn’t know weed was illegal in Denmark.
    In Uruguay is legal from a few years now

  12. You have to give Knut immense respect, for building his home from the foundation up.

  13. Many immigrant groups, when they come to a new country, they band together and do their best to enforce religious ideologies that are very foreign from our own. They start yelling, screaming and screeching about how we are being racist and unfair to them, because some of us Christians refuse to convert to muslim? They are being unfair to the rest of us. We are always in the wrong and they are in the right. The United States was based on Christian values, our currency says "In God We Trust" NOT IN ALLAH WE TRUST.


  15. Sasiak1 says:

    20:30 to jakiś konkurs na imitację dźwięków wydawanych przez kota ładowanego pod ogon?

  16. Good for him! He is simply saying what many people think and feel about the integration of Muslims from a global perspective. It seems to me that Muslims want to takeover wealthy countries in Europe and North America. And that they only want people to practice the Muslim faith.

  17. Veronica2yu says:

    WTF How old are they? Those, losers, kids drinking alcohol. What a disgusting place to be!

  18. John Calvert says:

    To all the dumbf*ck racist ballbags on this comments section: during occupation the Danes were the only European country to secure the safe evacuation of their Jews, saving an estimated 7000 from Nazi slaughter. That's bravery. That's tolerance. That's what it means to be a rebel.

  19. Lucyna says:

    If they don't like it they schould go back to their countries. They never asymilate. .

  20. Amygondor says:

    Ok, salary calculation: 6000 post-tax, when you add back the 32.6% tax rate that got taken from them is 7956. That's 1956 taken by the government, of which this family gets 800 for all three children. This leaves us with 1156 that they could have used for themselves way more efficiently if married couples had tax breaks rather than scraps. Further proof that taxation is theft, when middlemen take almost 50% of your tax money before returning the scraps to you and expecting you to be happy about it.

  21. Honey Bees says:

    Why dont denmark and Europe immigrants arab exmuslims instead of Muslims?!! We are exmuslims we are seeking freedom. And there are thousands of us

  22. I am an immigrant canadien citizen, I am Albanien muslim religion,. Yes is no good this what is doing with Kuran , Immigrants should have the right to practice their religion and be proud of their culture, and background, But they shouldn’t immigrate to the country with ulterior agenda, To change the entire structure of the country to fit their religious and cultural ideology,Don't let immigrants take over your country,

  23. It always fascinates me how people can go to other people's country and demand rights they wouldn't get in there country .

  24. John More says:

    It’s a fucking book made of papers why Muslim grow the fuck up and realize it s not the pages printed as book that should be deemed sacred to them. Ask me there no secret objects and sacred subjects if there is one , impossible to denigrate desecrate

  25. Tolérer quelqu'un c'est le prétendre inférieur.

  26. Instruisto says:

    The problem is Islamism with its different branches Salafism and Wahabism, (an extream right ideology financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar) they are using religion to spread their political agenda to control Europe and having influence in the world creating conflicts everywhere. It's very important to separate "Islam" and "Islamsism" because they are different, Islamism should be forbidden and persecuted, it's a social cancer and an antidemocratic ideology against human rights. Not only Danmarck but Europe is in a big danger.

  27. Lumix says:

    im danish and here is what id say to this situration: copenhagen and the biggest cities are shit holes, the country sides or smaller villages are far more peacefull.

  28. Just wait until Muslims reach 10% of the population. This is what is happening in France.

  29. Jhuta Sala 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. I don’t see any problem. Nobody asks these people to follow him and do the same. Otherwise the next step my uncovered head might offend there religion and culture and they start demanding to cover it. This is how oppressive couture works.

  31. Fujiko Oro says:

    Antes era anti-judeus, agora miram os muçulmanos 👎

  32. Shade Ganeko says:

    This whole documentary is far left propaganda.

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