DHG vs GD | Match 3 // Machynys Peninsula

Machynys Peninsula Golf Club in South Wales, Front 9. Dan Hendriksen from DHG brings Joe the Pro and Olly from Golfing Days brings Hannah Morrison for a 9 hole 2v2 Scramble match. Book yourself a trip to Machynys in the link below:

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We hope you enjoy this series as much as we enjoyed filming this. It’s a good one!

Thanks for watching, please comment on the video if you have time.

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34 Replies to “DHG vs GD | Match 3 // Machynys Peninsula”

  1. Shame about the greens. Look forward to the next one

  2. ANDREAS says:

    Great Game!
    Those greens were brutal though.
    Dan! My wife says she wants your ball marker 😂

  3. matt says:

    tough greens ladies and gents. JtP!

  4. Fantastic Golf, well done people.

  5. Well played DHG, looks a great course, shame the greens were in poor condition after aeration & dressing, work that has to be done .
    Great commentary Jordan. 😉😉😉

  6. David C says:

    Joe's Le Pro's wedge game? C'est si bon!

  7. I found it hard work round Machynys but you boys made it look easy. It isn't 😮

  8. Guy Davey says:

    That was some quality golf, with great complementing of shots to get the win! Great golf gents.

  9. Sixhoovers says:

    Hollow tined greens 😖

  10. The burgers and chips in the bar are superb great course and club house.( the golf wasn’t up to the standard of the food though!)

  11. Matt Chapman says:

    Another great South Wales golf course. Well done Dan, great video. This is on my bucket-list of courses to play in July and August 🏌️⛳

  12. Brian Murray says:

    Joe the pro putting Dan in his pocket and carried him to victory

  13. Drew Willis says:

    I guess it must be just me who finds the new camera to be very jerky!!! Excellent content as always though

  14. Gary Davis says:

    Love the Golfing Days collaboration, Dan. You guys are hitting some great courses. Btw, would love to see a head up match: Joe The Pro (sorry, “Le Pro”) v The Great James Pickard. That would be stellar!

  15. Great to see the girls on the channel, great for young female golf.

  16. P Rex says:

    How did Paul react when he found out Joe was using his driver?

  17. Kev Moore says:

    An absolute spanking boys

  18. Greens look absolutely appalling. Looks like someone’s garden

  19. Andrew Price says:

    So that’s how you play Machynys in a howling force 2!! Love the fact that you all had to belt 5 irons into the 2nd . I’ve managed a par on there( playing off 21)! The course is a modern gem with a great clubhouse with views of the Gower peninsula and Carmarthen bay.
    I did love Joes comment that he had hit a slice on 6. I would call that a slight fade in my repertoire of shots. In that wind a slice would have put him back on the 3rd fairway!!
    Some quality golf by both teams, but team DHG were outstanding. Looking forward to the back 9

  20. Iain Taylor says:

    Wow. Comprehensive win for DHG. Joe the Pro showing off his short game, as usual impressive stuff!!

  21. Bobby Birch says:

    Notice you put a different grip on the putter dan joe is realy good to watch

  22. Curt Chaffee says:

    Fun stuff. Joe had his short game dialed.

  23. Couldn't of been easy on those greens guys..
    Excellent viewing though. We'll played

  24. Tony Tomlin says:

    Hey Dan, Joe the pro is definitely the red setters reproductive organs but can you ask him, why does he address the ball out of the heel with his driver?

  25. Baz says:

    Quality golf played on the channel lately. Can we bring it down a bit for one video, something a bit more relatable…Lee V Jordan 😉

  26. Ian Glover says:

    Joe Le Pro – Cest manifique (DH not too bad either)

  27. Great watch again Dan good too see Hannah looks a good player can certainly hit a ball and easy on the eye

  28. Paul Davis says:

    Great content Dan. Jtp, star man.

  29. Mowser12345 says:

    Well that was a comprehensive battering from the JoeDan combo eh Jordan? 🥴🥊

  30. Chris Drew says:

    Great watch as ever

    I’d like to watch gilly and joe the pro vs the Hendriksen brothers . Great golf and relentless banter

  31. Chris Drew says:

    About time !!!!

    I been waiting for literally minutes for todays video 😂

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