Did We Buy FAKE Travis Scott Jordan 1 Golf Sneakers?! *THE TRUTH*

We went to Vegas to get a first look at the soon to be released Travis Scott Jordan 1 GOLF sneaker and they are CRAZY in person!

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49 Replies to “Did We Buy FAKE Travis Scott Jordan 1 Golf Sneakers?! *THE TRUTH*”

  1. Love your content fam! Keep it up! Can't wait to see what else you make in 2023! 👟🔥🎥

  2. Rob S says:

    Qias, your shoes might be legit but you’re without question the fakest cornball in the sneaker community.

  3. Tray says:

    this channel can't even do 100k for a video anymore, struggles to go past 50k. time to do some new content or look at other ventures because your youtube career is dying.


  5. KiddAlways says:

    ignore all the negative comments. you know they're legit and that's all that matters. also respect for trimming the nose hair 🙏🏽

  6. GAURAV K. says:

    Man this guy’s video INTROS are “INSANNNEE” 🔥😂 Always nails it

  7. Racso88e says:

    Mina is much older than you isn’t she? 6-8 years? We’re you all an arranged marriage or some shit?

  8. That little swoosh on the 1 lows does so much for the shoe, I wish they put them on every Jordan 1. High or low 🔥💯

  9. Every body knows u wear fakes

  10. LegitMoonga says:

    not gonna say they are fake or real, but why didnt u show the box?

  11. Tre Minor 84 says:

    If I catch you rocking some golf shoes casually I’m done these Travis Scott’s are played out sorry 🚮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  12. kpbloch10 says:

    The TRUTH is i didn't see any glue stripes on the bottoms of those insoles.

  13. kpbloch10 says:

    You look like you are playing a video game instead of driving a car in the beginning 😂

  14. Rog Pimentel says:

    blud fell off 😂

  15. kite4america says:

    I know they’re real; even if they’re fake according to naysayers, I like them. There’s nothing wrong with fakes. Not everyone has access or money to buy nice sneakers.

  16. kannen says:

    The proof you’re trying to give of them being real is not very convincing i’m sorry lmao

  17. how much for thje gator PEs

  18. You can’t please everyone 😂 let the hater hate they losers can’t get early birds 😂

  19. best video in Years 😅

  20. You love it cause its Travis. Dont cap

  21. GodFirst says:

    This guy is a full blown clown

  22. Omar Hakimi says:

    People don't have a life or just negative people who want to bring you down to their level because they hate life

  23. No One Hoops In Jordan’s Because They Always Add Suede to most silhouette’s. Who The Hell Hoops I’m Suede. I haven’t Seen The Top Dogs Win Championships wearing Suede on None of They’re Shoes.

  24. Kelhallaq says:

    These goin to be at same value as the phantoms if not less. Come back to this comment when im right 😅

  25. i.e says:

    Bro how he get them so quick😭

  26. Them shit's are ugly, just like 90% of TS shoes.

  27. Unless you are a serious golfer don't buy the Travis'. I better not see people wearing these causally, or resellers buying these. Save them for the real golfers.

  28. Amir Imran says:

    Please let people that play golf get these man for once. Yall hypebeast be ruining everything smh

  29. Not even in production yet

  30. They’re trash, boring, completely overdone at this point.

  31. I mean we get it, if it’s real it’s real. But QIAS, you can’t blame the viewers if they doubt your credibility. You haven’t been transparent, about a lot of stuff. What happened with your “store” and your “co-owner friend”

  32. Haters are going to hate

  33. When you on the top of the hill, it's hard to hear the haters…. keep up the solid work 🤴

  34. its called 'sphere'

  35. What ever happened with Off the Bench?

  36. Kibbs says:

    Everyone gunna golf now lol

  37. Thanks for the early look!!!

  38. Those Travis’ with some neon orange laces would be fire 🔥

  39. Also i don’t buy that they’re real for 1 second, it seems to be the new gay ass sneaker influencer wave to promote “early”=fake ass shoes for “clicks” like his stupid ass is accusing other people of

  40. Bruh qias is the lamest fucking dude to ever put on a pair of sneakers

  41. F Harris says:

    What the name of that sneaker store

  42. Here from snap fam ❤🎉

  43. annoying for people like me who actually Golf probably won’t be able to get these because of the hype 😢

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