Difference between PRO and 4 HANDICAP on a new course – Small but MASSIVE

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Today Pro mo and I played the Lam Lukka Golf Course on the outskirts of Bkk I dunno. It’s a challenging course with tiny greens. Some of the tiniest I may have ever seen where they were actually created that way and not just having the fairway reclaim the land.

In this round we take a look at the difference between a Tour Pro and a 4 handicapper. We’re going the full 18 holes here and you’ll see the differences in the rounds especially the middle and end of the round. It’s just more stable as a pro. As a low handicapper, it’s a rollercoaster.

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The video is here as a comparison.


45 Replies to “Difference between PRO and 4 HANDICAP on a new course – Small but MASSIVE”

  1. Rix ward says:

    mo swings like Bryson DeChambeau

  2. Brett Giddy says:

    “I have a scheisse on board”. Glad it’s not just me on the course. You gotta hold that in, that’s energy plays 😅

  3. Ek hou van die Afrikanse woorde wat op die screen flash😂 "poefies innie hande" .. love jou videos man !

  4. G Renz says:

    Love the Canada gear eh

  5. Sean Fowler says:

    Great eagle on 18. Mo's 7 iron hook shot was outrageous, Seve would be proud 💥🏌️‍♂️

  6. Bit late to the party here, but that was a lovely eagle on the last. Catching up with your video's. Great content and delivered well. I'm just starting out again after many years of not playing.

  7. Hey, what tracer app are you using?

  8. Perspective – I like that! Need to remember that next time i'm on the course.

  9. Dan Walker says:

    That shot on hole 9 though!! Wtf 😬 as if he pulled it off and knew exactly what he was doing the whole time too!!

  10. J Johan says:

    A very South African reaction on the 18th. Hit a great shot and instead of celebrating you say "what did I do for the last 17?!"

  11. fungkoq says:

    your 2 iron is awesome!

  12. Jeffery Lord says:

    Mo has what we all want, the ability to pound the driver with full confidence on nearly any non par 3. He’s a machine!

  13. I feel like you should make WAP merch, pretty sure that would turn out quite good.

  14. ahbalone says:

    Do you buy your clothes at the carnival?

  15. both of u guys so good

  16. Small greens? I should be so lucky at my Club.

  17. brian kim says:

    Man you absolutely pure that 2 iron

  18. R Schultz says:

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  19. jrm8899 says:

    The biggest problem I have is the guy I play with. Every hole is an Easter egg hunt… looking for his ball and I can't get any rhythm hitting shots…. I love the game though

  20. Gear Mob says:

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  21. Jack says:

    If you have a strong shape on your driver (you seem to have a fairly big fade), why not just use the 3 Wood of a small tee? Does a similar distance but has a lower flight path and therfore generally goes straighter.

  22. My fav golfer is Jordan Speith. His yardaages and mine are relatable, his short game is just crazy and his mentality is so dang fine.

  23. I lived with MO fore four days Back in '19…n I almost DIED…& that waz his EASY WEEK LOL…TOO FUNNY Brother…yer music 🎶 🎵 😄 🤣

  24. David Dixon says:

    he drives like an A player pro

  25. Give me his drives for 18 holes my handicap would drop dramatically

  26. Vanstromi says:

    The bump and run was a good decision if you hit it tight with the right club.

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  28. Alex Wu says:

    lets be honest the real difference is the tan line on his arm from his shirt……you know from practicing…

  29. Jud Smith says:

    amazing to watch. you show everyone to leave the last hole behind you, focus on the next shot and just have fun, dammit!

  30. Evan Fitz says:

    The real difference is pants v shorts

  31. Don Ridgeway says:

    My uncle Sam introduced me to golf. He was past his prime when I played with him. But he always enjoyed the game, followed the rules, and everyone wanted to play with him.

  32. Very informative video. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Wes D says:

    Obviously attire is a big difference between handicaps lol. One looks like a tour pro, the other looks like he's going to the beach. 😜

  34. Doug says:

    What a way to finish!

  35. Tee Dawg says:

    man you can just hear how much Mo compresses the ball

  36. natoyle93 says:

    Mo's swing is so nice to watch!

  37. Derek Murphy says:

    Matt missing greens and fairways to the right repeatedly

  38. I've seen Mo drive in person, and its incredible to see.

  39. AngryGinger says:

    I have only played twice since my son was born back in November. This is the first video that really made me miss it. And the fact that you use "Man alive!" made me sub. Cheers!

  40. ocomeau8 says:

    i usually shoot 85 ish and the last two days i got 79 and 81, im 14 and started this year (although im an athlete)

  41. Eec2021 says:

    Great video Matt. Three things will make you a scratch golfer.
    1. Driver fitting and learn to hit it.
    2. Strengthen your grip to stop those weak fades.
    3. Stop trying to hit your 8 iron 170 yards.

    Good luck mate.

  42. Mr.K says:

    Mo at hole 10 with driver.. takes the expression “tiger line“ to another world

  43. Liked for the strong finish

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