Disc Golf Distance Record | 1970 – 2022 Evolution #discgolf #worldrecord

This is the Disc Golf distance records all the way back from 1970 to the present year of 2021. Please like the video and subscribe!!

We also talk about the evolution of the frisbee or disc to achieve the best distance and go into depth about the individuals that shaped the sport.

Disc Golf is constantly changing and players are getting better every year!

Hopefully I will be able to update this video in the coming years to show all of the new world records that have been established!

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Thank you guys for your work and continuing to grow the sport!

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1. Victor Malafronte
2. Bob May
3. Dave Johnson
4. Victor Malafronte
5. Dave Johnson
6. Dave Johnson
7. John Kirkland
8. Dave Dunipace
9. Van Miller
10. Pål Broström
11. Marten Sandorf
12. Frank Aquilera
13. Michael Canci
14. Sam Ferrans
15. Peter Albers
16. Niclas Bergehamm
17. Scott Stokley
18. Scott Stokley
19. Chris Voigt
20. Ken Jarvis
21. Christian Sandström
22. David Wiggins Jr
23. Simon Lizzote
24. David Wiggins Jr

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26 Replies to “Disc Golf Distance Record | 1970 – 2022 Evolution #discgolf #worldrecord”

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  2. 0qqY says:

    Maybe i should go and throw some discs in a windtunnel since wind doesnt matter… i mean wtf, how does that count?

  3. hope to see some more swedes in the future

  4. What a fantastic video…. Yall did insane

  5. There should be three attempts: with the wind, against the wind and sidewind. And the average would be the record.

  6. Lol yeah the wind thing is pretty ridiculous 😂 that's like having the fastest swimmers breaking each other's records from swimming in faster and faster currents. What a joke.

  7. Alex Maness says:

    Nah that record in the desert for over 800ft is bull shit. The wind helped.

  8. JohnLewisIII says:

    the horses want their shit back

  9. Bruce says:

    If they count throwing into a hurricane a record would they count throwing it off say El Capitan in Yosemite National Park?

  10. PunTeK says:

    if all that matters is how long the disc has traveled without thinking of wind or anything, ill just throw it off a mountain and claim the world record.. wtf..

  11. It needs to be adjusted to have wind speed as a factor. A record with lower wind speeds and a record with higher wind speeds

  12. Abcde says:

    1:51 His name is Davis Johnson not David Johnson PDGA # 44

  13. Dyvel says:

    Is there any world record for normal wind conditions? Kind of like in track and field where there is a limit on the amount of wind allowed in long jump and 100m?
    Otherwise it's just a matter of finding the most amount of wind..

  14. Gingy says:

    I could throw a disc in a hurricane that could fly to Texas. That shit matters, jumping from 863.5 ft to over 1,000 should be obvious that this is skewed beyond belief. If thats the case then everybody should get to throw their shots in 50 mph winds going for WR

  15. chris french says:

    The chart at the end is the best part of this video I clipped it and sent it too all my buddies that complain about they can't throw far. Well same with 90 of players in that 350' or less range.

  16. Wiggins really thinks he's the record holder with 42mph winds? So sad. I've known people who throw 2 drives on every hole and count their best drive. They're sad people who believe they're better than they think. Wiggins is in that category

  17. Landen Sides says:

    What about the people who throw 450.

  18. S. D. says:

    Those records in the high winds are 100% meaningless, outside of idiots bragging at the bar.

  19. Kyle Berry says:

    I'd like to see it separated into longest FLIGHT (any conditions) and longest THROW (wind has to be under a certain speed like in Olympic events)

  20. Joe H says:

    I feel like an asterisk is needed by the new WR.

  21. Jii-Ro says:

    The current record 100% does not count. My fucking grandma could throw 200m in that wind and she is like 1000 years old and is basically moving pile of dust now.

  22. That was a cheap shot at the end about the tailwind. Actually, everybody can have that tailwind. It was an open competition to anyone who wanted to compete. The previous record holder threw in the same conditions. The official rules do not set a wind speed limit even though it was my suggestion prior to the many events I put on, to do so.

  23. Can't wait for the next hurricane. Gonna break the record..

  24. Meister-T says:

    using a strong tailwind to set a record certainly feels like cheating.
    they should modify the standards, setting a maximum wind speed (of, say, 10mph / 16km/h or so)

  25. Matt Orth says:

    how in the fuck is a 45mph boost not cheating

  26. Glenn R. says:

    They should measure disc throw records like they do land speed records. One with the wind and one against it and average the attempts. Hell, if not, I'll just wait until the next hurricane comes and casually toss a putter 3 miles.

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