Disc Golf flight numbers for beginners

Flight numbers can be a confusing thing as a beginner! Here is a short and simple video to help you make an informed decision while buying your next disc!

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21 Replies to “Disc Golf flight numbers for beginners”

  1. cwellsjr4 says:

    As someone who has played for years, I came across a driver that flies the opposite of all my others. (Right backhand fades right and forehand fades left). Do y'all know what could cause this?

  2. 11bravoNRD says:

    Just got into playing because of my nephews. My question for ANYONE: is there something different i should look at because i throw right hand but underhanded (like skipping stones). It feels like when i REALLY try to put power into a driver or mid-range it tends to get too much air and cut right hard. If i tone it down i can get fairly straight and out drive my nephews while using a mid-rage by a good 15-20 yards. Thank you to any advice. I just wanna have more fun with my brother and my nephews when i see them and not worry about losing their disks!

  3. Thanks for your good explanation. Now it makes sense!

  4. Commwarrior says:

    Appreciate this video; even as a lefty I learned a lot.

  5. TJ says:

    Ya'll got balls throwin over that big of a lake

  6. Very helpful video. Thanks you for explaining sgtf

  7. Are y'all in Colorado?

  8. I DID learn a little and thank you!!!

  9. villi says:

    after this video I can undestand a lot of more things, thank you!!

  10. Dave Lopez says:

    0:33 "the speed is the width of the rim. And what you have to know about it… to get the right flight characteristics of the next three numbers you have to throw at that speed.

    0:50 Speed is not how fast the disc flys.

    1:00 12 speed are to fast for beginners.

  11. Dave Lopez says:

    Speed = width of rim????
    How do they relate???
    11 = 11mm rim and 2 = 2mm rim?? or is it inverse??

    High speed turn
    low speed fade

    someday someone is going to explain what speed actually means.

    Most flight charts show the disc doing the TURN during the time that it is traveling at SPEED and then when it slows down, it does the FADE. It does this for as long as the disc is in "Glide"

    Some flight charts show the difference between a fast arm (pro) and a slow arm (beginner).
    The slow arm picks up somewhere towards the end of the flight so all you get is the slow fade to the left and never see the turn.

    Personally, I believe SPEED is a combination of the disc velocity and spin.
    TURN has to be somehow related to how fast (speed) air is moving over the disc.
    For instance, an airplane wing doesn't achieve loft until it gets to a certain speed.
    At 40mph it will remain parked on the ground. At 120mph it starts to rise up off the ground.

    The higher the velocity of a disc, the more drag it has. Maybe it's that drag the causes it to turn.
    Most distance drivers are thin so maybe it takes more velocity to create the drag needed to turn it.
    (I might be on to something here)

    The problem is that there is no quantitative data showing what the speed number means in terms of mph.

    Also, I've never seen any info about how manufacturers determine the flight characteristics of their discs.
    wind tunnel testing? or purely calculated?

    Maybe a test of your arm speed would be start with a speed 12 disc and then dial it down until the discs start flipping over. Then you will know what speed discs you should be using.

  12. Hobbes250 says:

    Super helpful! Thank you

  13. Would you say that this is accurate: Turn is what the disc does while it’s still spinning from your throw, fade is what it does when it stops spinning from your force?

  14. GraZe HaZe says:

    "fade ranges from 0 to 5 "
    the Tilt: am I a joke to you?
    yes Tilt, yes you are

  15. YogiTRiCK says:

    Thanks Wayne and Garth!

  16. Less go dope vid!

  17. Erkka says:

    Im 13yrs old and i throw 100m with 13 5 – 1 2

  18. mariah snow says:

    This was really helpful!

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