Do you think the best putter in the world is someone on a pro tour, or just a random amateur?

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9 Replies to “Do you think the best putter in the world is someone on a pro tour, or just a random amateur?”

  1. Patts says:

    There are mini golf players that’s crazy skilled

  2. icyycat says:

    The longest drivers aren’t better then pros at driving they just hit it further. Guarantee the spray it all the time when they actually play a round

  3. James MC says:

    The best putters have to be able to drain putts on various greens, from Augusta to Carnoustie. But the local guy only games the one course most of the time.

  4. CJ Casee says:

    Riggs is so cringe. He desperately tries so hard to be the biggest “golf guy” in the room. Calling golfers “sticks” just trying to use the lingo. This guy is a GEEK. Not to mention hes by far the worst golfer at Barstool

  5. Andruze says:

    Long drive guys aren’t “better with the driver”…. They literally miss the grid routinely on a wide open field. They can have ONE in play and it counts as a win. (It should be a total of yards hit so any ball in play counts towards your total. Rewards length and accuracy)

    Being able to hit fairways at 300-330 yards in PGA tournaments is much harder than swinging out of your shoes with a 3-degree Krank driver with a 48 inch shaft.

    The best putter in the world is on the PGA tour. Not to mention they play on faster greens than a “random amateur” playing his municipal course.

  6. Omnis says:

    The best putter in the world is probably some circus act guy.

  7. Ryan Walker says:

    The long drive guys usually drive it further than tour players but they also miss off the planet when it comes to accuracy

  8. Frankie is right. Kyle Berkshire is better than anyone in the world at hitting driver and not near good enough to be on tour. Therefore it holds that there is the Berkshire equivalent with the flatstick.

  9. Dennis H says:

    Well longest driver is not on tour. So maybe some is better at putting in the world

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